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A concept with many different interpretations depending on which federal law is being considered. Usually relevant in determining if an activity has a sufficient connection to interstate commerce,and thus the Commerce Clause of the Constitution,to warrant federal intrusion or oversight of the activity. Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 of the United States Constitution is known as the Commerce Clause and empowers the United States Congress “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.”Representative areas of federal power may include

• Matters in interstate commerce
• Matters affecting interstate commerce
• Agencies and instrumentalities of interstate commerce
• Local laws that discriminate against interstate commerce
• Crimes that interfere with or obstruct interstate commerce

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The Mississippi Department of Transportation says officials will gather that morning to cut the ribbon on the final stretch of Interstate 269 in DeSoto County.
However, as the transportation funding need has become more pressing, proponents of tolls are becoming more vocal by calling for a nationwide expansion of the pilot program, effectively lifting the ban on tolling existing interstates. They claim that interstate users are not adequately paying for the roads, and that tolling existing interstates will more effectively tie road funding to road use.
Cedar Rapids began using the first system on an Iowa interstate earlier this summer.
It also canned an earlier proposal to require both major non-interstate pipelines and interstate pipelines to post actual flow volume in addition to scheduled flow volume at each receipt and delivery point with a design capacity equal to or greater than 15 million Btu/d.
The last election in December 2005 on a $575 million Interstate highway rehabilitation bond plan was rejected with 60 percent of the voters saying no.
That early experience and his appreciation for the German autobahn network he observed in World War II convinced Eisenhower to support the construction of the interstate system when he became president.
The Interstates have never been able to shake the cookie-cutter image, the idea that traveling the Interstates involves the "mind-numbing monotony" of traveling on "brain-deadening" roads in an "effortless, rolling trance." (These quotes are real, by the way, from various travel writers of the 1990s.) The Interstates have been blamed for many perceived ills of the American society, from sprawl to air pollution to a lack of sense of place, from racial tensions to alienation to dependence on foreign oil.
A lone white male entered strip mall stores near Interstate 70 in several states, shot the employees, and robbed the stores.
As he travels down the interstates, he blends commentary on the latest billboard--those announcing microsurgical vasectomy reversal figure prominently in Roads--with observations about Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Longfellow, and dozens of other American writers, past and present.
Per mile traveled, rural interstates tend to be the safest roads in the nation, notes Adrian K.

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