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A concept with many different interpretations depending on which federal law is being considered. Usually relevant in determining if an activity has a sufficient connection to interstate commerce,and thus the Commerce Clause of the Constitution,to warrant federal intrusion or oversight of the activity. Article I, Section 8, Clause 3 of the United States Constitution is known as the Commerce Clause and empowers the United States Congress “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.”Representative areas of federal power may include

• Matters in interstate commerce
• Matters affecting interstate commerce
• Agencies and instrumentalities of interstate commerce
• Local laws that discriminate against interstate commerce
• Crimes that interfere with or obstruct interstate commerce

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Travel on the nation's Interstate highways has surged since 2014.
Second, interstate highways connect all 48 contiguous states, more than 300 major metropolitan areas, and thousands of smaller towns.
While federal commitment to a system of interstate and defense highways was essential to the creation of the 1956 Interstate Highways Acts, the grand plan would have been impossible were it not for the groundwork laid by state departments of transportation.
The panel considered raising the speed limit for cars from 65 to 70; for trucks from 55 to 60 and for cars on sections of "urban interstate highways" - such as the Eugene-Springfield portion of Interstate 5 - from 55 to 60.
So, you think you might complete the rehabilitation of 380 miles (612 kilometers) or 60 percent of your state's interstate highways in five years?
In his book 1939: The Lost World of the Fair, David Gelernter argues that the General Motors (GM) Futurama exhibit, which took fair-goers through the imagined world of 1960, complete with a 14-lane Express Motorway that would crisscross the nation at 100 miles per hour, was wildly popular precisely because of the freedom and mobility the interstate highways promised.
Using its comprehensive, proprietary database of businesses ahead on every interstate highway exit in the United States and Canada, eXitSource delivers authoritative data products across wireless, Internet and print media that help leisure motorists and professional drivers locate businesses and resources along interstate highways exactly at the time of need.
In 1960, while the interstate highway system was being constructed with cash and a year before President Kennedy set a nation's gaze on the moon, 67 percent of the federal budget was available for such investments; only 33 percent was consumed by spending on entitlements and interest on the national debt.
Today, information technology has the potential to impact society even more than the automobile, but it is still hamstrung by the lack of an "Interstate highway system," or its equivalent.
ROADSIDE space along the interstate highway system has to be one of the most neglected examples of landscaping in the nation's urban areas.

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