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The overhaul, according to Senator Newlands, was designed to "make the trade commission as useful and effective in building up a system of administrative law regarding trade as the Interstate Commerce Commission has been in matters of transportation." (200) The legislative history of the FTC--largely contained within a two-month Senate debate on the Newlands bill--evinces Congress's vision for an FTC largely modeled on the ICC.
GAO believes the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission should require railroads to adopt depreciation accounting.
(3.) For a discussion on thevalue of the Interstate Commerce Commission Bureau of Valuation records, see: David Pfeiffer, "Researching Railroad Records at NARA," in The Record: News from the National Archives and RecordsAdministration.
For example, if a shipper's choice of rail carriers is reduced from two to one, the ICC normally provided some form of relief to permit the shipper to receive a second competitive alternative (Interstate Commerce Commission 1989, 8).
Department of Transportation Federal Railroad Administration, Interstate Commerce Commission, and Office of Transportation Analysis, "A Survey of Shipper Satisfaction with Service and Rates of Shortline and Regional Railroads," August 1989.
Warden goaded Harris by asking him if he was proposing a National Operating System Commission to oversee Win dows, akin to the now- defunct Interstate Commerce Commission. "That's not what I'm proposing," said Harris.
Congress passed a federal law in 1983 allowing corridors to be converted to trails after abandonment of the line or "railbanking." A rail corridor is considered "abandoned" when service is discontinued with the approval of the Department of Transportation's Surface Transportation Board (formerly the Interstate Commerce Commission).
The Interstate Commerce Commission and the federal courts were chipping away at the state regulations that interfered most with interstate commerce.
Those wholesalers that qualify as small businesses will have no liability, and larger wholesalers can challenge the claim with the Interstate Commerce Commission, which has shown leniency towards wholesalers in previous cases.
In 1981, STS became the first Interstate Commerce Commission property broker.
2121, most shippers could ask the Interstate Commerce Commission, and not the courts, to resolve any undercharge amounts in dispute.
Cooper currently serves the National MS Society, pro bono, as National Independent Living Consultant, Special Consultant on Employment Initiatives, and as a member of our National Panel of Professional Advisors, following a distinguished career that included tenure at the Interstate Commerce Commission, where she served as Counsel to the Chairman, and supervised the work of fifty-two attorney&

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