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Virtual Bank

A bank that offers services predominately or exclusively over the Internet. A virtual bank offers normal banking services, including access to one's checking and savings accounts and personal and business loans. Even non-virtual banks almost always offer virtual banking services.

Virtual bank.

A virtual bank offers of some or all the same types of accounts and services that traditional bricks-and-mortar banks do, but virtual banks exist only online. They typically charge lower fees and pay higher interest because of low overhead.

Virtual bank transactions can be checked in real time, as they happen, rather than at the end of the banking day or the end of the month -- though those services may also be available through the online branches of traditional banks.

Virtual banks don't have branches or own ATM machines, so you make deposits electronically or by mail. Your virtual bank may reimburse your ATM fees for using other banks' machines. However, there may be a limit to the number of transactions a virtual bank will cover each month.

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Upon gaining the formal license, the new Internet-only bank is expected to open for business in July, bank officials said.
An Internet-only bank has lower overhead, and as a result we can pass the savings on to our customers in the form of extremely competitive rates and fees.
Global Banking News-August 10, 2015--Korea Investment Holdings, Daum Kakao to launch internet-only bank
Currently, the Scorecard focuses on firms that can demonstrate to have either $1 billion in managed credit card receivables or be an Internet-only bank.
The Company also announced that Lighthouse Bank, its internet-only bank subsidiary, has been merged with Brookline.
We have been saying since we launched in 1999 that an Internet-only bank can provide services that are the same as, or better than, financial institutions with hundreds of branches, and this scorecard ranking is an important validation of that model," said David B.
David Long, President of Nexity Bank, said the new ITI software already has delivered some significant benefits to the Internet-only bank and to its customers.
The North Palm Beach, Florida headquartered Internet-only bank was launched in April 2000, and has achieved an enviable record of success in acquiring customers online.
the leading wireless application service platform, Tuesday announced that NetBank, the first profitable Internet-only bank, is using the Air2Web Always Interactive platform to provide NetBank customers wireless banking services.
can provide a touchpoint or physical presence for customers of an Internet-only bank to come and mail their deposits.
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