Multinational corporation

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Multinational corporation (MNC)

A firm that operates in more than one country.

Multinational Corporation

A corporation that maintains assets and/or operations in more than one country. A multinational corporation often has a long supply chain that may, for example, require the acquisition of raw materials in one country, a product's manufacture in a second country, and its retail sale in a third country. A multinational often globally manages its operations from a main office in its home country. Multinational corporations are controversial among groups such as environmentalists and worker advocates, who claim that multinationals exploit resources and employees. On the other hand, proponents argue that multinationals create wealth in every country where they operate, which ultimately benefits workers as well as shareholders.
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Enhanced Memory Systems, a subsidiary of Ramtron International Corporation (Nasdaq:RMTR) and a leading supplier of specialty memory modules, today announced a new family of Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) and Small Outline DIMM (SODIMM) products.
Enhanced Memory Systems is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is a subsidiary of Ramtron International Corporation (Nasdaq:RMTR).
Lord Michael Sandberg, CBE, Peer House of Lords, former World Chairman and CEO of HSBC, former Chairman Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club, and Chairman of the Advisory Boards of both Royal Indian Raj International Corporation and Global Lottery Corporations states, "I am pleased with the professionalism of the Officers and Directors of both companies in securing such a large credit facility sufficient to bid for both large and small Lottery Contracts Worldwide.
We are delighted to be working with GEM to develop the New India," said Manoj Benjamin, Chairman of Royal Indian Raj International Corporation.
Royal Indian Raj International Corporation, (RIRIC), incorporated in Nevada, USA, in March 1999 with offices in Vancouver, London, New Delhi, and Bangalore, India, maintains a country-specific, 5-sector heavy infrastructure orientation, focused on the free world's largest emerging market, India.

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