International Standards Organization

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International Organization for Standardization

A non-governmental organization that sets standard codes for countries and currencies. ISO sets the ISO 3166 codes for countries and provinces, which are used in international banking transactions and shipping. Likewise, it sets the ISO 4217 codes for individual currencies. ISO has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and, because its standards are usually adopted into the law of member states, it is more powerful than most other NGOs.

International Standards Organization (SIO)

an international organization established to promote common technical standards in all spheres of operations, including science and commerce.
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Ongoing post-certification quality systems management assessments by Lloyd's Register are required by the International Standards Organization to retain ISO certification.
Sun failed in its efforts to get Java standardized by the International Standards Organization (ISO).
ISO 14001 is a companion to the ISO 9000 quality standards of the International Standards Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.
28 /PRNewswire/ -- Keithley MetraByte has been certified as being in compliance with the ISO-9001 standard of the International Standards Organization.
C1G2 is a protocol ratified by international standards organization EPCglobal Inc.
AMEX:TPO), a manufacturer and distributor of engineered steel storage rack systems and structural and mechanical steel tubing, today announced that its Canadian Manufacturing Division, Steelbank Tubular, has been certified and registered as compliant with the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001:2000 international quality standard.
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