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Institutional Shareholder Services

A company that institutional investors use as their proxy in the annual meetings of publicly-traded companies in which institutional investors have shares. It advises institutional investors how to vote in these meetings and casts votes on their behalf. It provides these services in exchange for a fee. See also: Proxy firm.


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It offered a $500 million prize to the company able to come up with a vehicle to move cargo and people back and forth from the International Space Station.
space station and invites Russia, Japan, and other nations to join in developing the new International Space Station.
Despite the impression that most space missions conduct liftoff from the ground, the International Space Station is actually a large spacecraft orbiting the Earth.
In February, NASA announced it was ready to extend cooperation with its International Space Station partners, including Russia, for another nine years.
Astronauts have delivered more than 13,610 kg of spare parts to the International Space Station during the 11-day trip.
We've got to learn this technology before the international space station or before we do lunar and Mars missions in the future.
The first live broadcasts from the International Space Station took place Nov.
Kelly was commander of the International Space Station (ISS) Expedition 26.
The six-member International Space Station crew consists of Mike Fossum (US), Sergei Volko (Russia), Satoshi Furukawa (Japan), Alexander Samokutyaev (Russia), Ron Garan (US), and Andrey Borisenko (Russia).
Leonard Nicholson, a former NASA official and former International Space Station executive for Boeing, has been named deputy program manager for Northrop Grumman and Boeing's Crew Exploration Vehicle.
NASA has shuttled crew and supplies back and forth to Mir since 1995, in preparation for the construction of an international space station (SN: 5/20/95, p.
The Company's Single Logistics Module and Integrated Cargo Carrier are two of the primary payloads on the crucial International Space Station assembly and resupply mission set to launch on Thursday.

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