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A total of 431 international freight forwarders were identified from a recent edition of The Official Intermodal Guide.
This article reports results from an empirical study of select Internet issues among a major logistical service provider, namely, international freight forwarders. While caution in generalizing the findings beyond IFFs is recommended, they may offer important insights for small businesses, service organizations, and channel intermediaries.
Dalenberg, "Profiling International Freight Forwarders: A Benchmark," International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, Vol.
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Services of an International Freight Forwarder (IFF)
The basic function of an international freight forwarder is to make all the arrangements for inland movements of freight to and from the port and port-to-port movements via air or steamship companies.
This article attempts to address the literature void by investigating IFF customers' perceptions of important factors used by their companies to select international freight forwarders. Although transport choice decisions have been a popular topic in the transportation and logistics literature since about 1970, transportation intermediaries such as IFFs have received little, if any, attention in the transport choice literature.
With respect to the transport choice literature, the tailored logistics concept suggests that key factors used to select "motor carriers" might not be as applicable to the selection of international freight forwarders.
The latter two demographic characteristics suggest that the responding organizations are familiar with the operations of international freight forwarders, and would be knowledgeable concerning factors used to select IFFs.
This article reports the results from a preliminary study investigating the strategies pursued by international freight forwarders (IFFs).
This article will examine selected propositions concerning the strategies of international freight forwarders in terms of the Miles and Snow typology.
This article evaluated several propositions concerning the corporate strategies of international freight forwarders. These propositions are summarized in Table 5, and show that nine of the ten propositions were supported; only P3 - changing strategies - was not supported.

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