internal market

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Internal market

The mechanisms for issuing and trading securities within a nation, including its domestic market and foreign market. Compare: External market.
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Internal Market

The market for, or trade of, any securities for investors in a single country inside the jurisdiction of that country. For example, a British company may issue a bond on the internal market if it issues it within the U.K. and denominates it in the pound sterling. The bond is thereby subject to all normal British securities and trading law. Internal markets contrast with external markets, which are more commonly called euromarkets.
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internal market

the creation of a network of divisions within an organization such as a public authority (the National Health Service for example) or a vertically integrated firm (see VERTICAL INTEGRATION), each division standing in a supplying or buying relationship with other divisions. To promote efficiency and cost-effectiveness each division may be required to operate as a PROFIT CENTRE thus imposing the same commercial ‘discipline’ on an organization as if it was dealing with external suppliers and buyers. See PURCHASER-PROVIDER SPLIT.
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internal market

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By making it easier for services providers to work across the EU, we generate new job opportunities, greater choice and lower prices for consumers," Commissioner for Internal Market Elzbieta Bienkowska said.
In order to implement IM, it is important for organizations to have some level of internal market orientation (IMO).
This paper focuses on the systemic neglect of the internal market in eComms.
This European initiative will make it easier for you to deliver your services into the internal market and cut some of the barriers to cross-border trade.
Unite national officer for health Karen Reay stated: 'Logic dictates that with 20 billion [pounds sterling] spent on the NHS internal market, this is an obvious area where savings could be made.'
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At a fraught summit on the proposed EU constitution in Brussels, France wanted to delete the reference to an internal market "where competition is free and undistorted".
EU internal market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy hinted at a cultural diversity and creative rights conference, in Brussels, that the Commission could push for change to the system where collection societies or trade unions take a fee from DVD recorders, MP3 players or blank DVDs prices.
The answer is in EC Directive 97/67 on Common rules for the Development of the Internal Market in Community Postal Services.
Analyst Direct provides market research portals that index licensed subscription market research from a range of information technology research firms and turns internal market research reports into custom client-specific databases that can be accessed with one search.

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