internal market

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Internal market

The mechanisms for issuing and trading securities within a nation, including its domestic market and foreign market. Compare: External market.

Internal Market

The market for, or trade of, any securities for investors in a single country inside the jurisdiction of that country. For example, a British company may issue a bond on the internal market if it issues it within the U.K. and denominates it in the pound sterling. The bond is thereby subject to all normal British securities and trading law. Internal markets contrast with external markets, which are more commonly called euromarkets.

internal market

the creation of a network of divisions within an organization such as a public authority (the National Health Service for example) or a vertically integrated firm (see VERTICAL INTEGRATION), each division standing in a supplying or buying relationship with other divisions. To promote efficiency and cost-effectiveness each division may be required to operate as a PROFIT CENTRE thus imposing the same commercial ‘discipline’ on an organization as if it was dealing with external suppliers and buyers. See PURCHASER-PROVIDER SPLIT.

internal market

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Not only is the building of that internal market the central mandate of the treaty to the EU level, it is ever more costly for the European economy to do without.
This European initiative will make it easier for you to deliver your services into the internal market and cut some of the barriers to cross-border trade.
Unite national officer for health Karen Reay stated: 'Logic dictates that with 20 billion [pounds sterling] spent on the NHS internal market, this is an obvious area where savings could be made.
New Internal Market rules are being incorporated into the Agreement on a regular basis.
In European Union Internal Market Law, Gareth Davies describes the basic workings of this legal regime and discusses many of the emerging legal and political controversies.
Mr Blair insisted: "The notion that this change in any shape or form changes the way the internal market works is wrong.
EC Directive 97/67 establishes Common Rules for the Development of the Internal Market in Community Postal Services.
When expressing their expectations for the coming term of Charlie McCreevy as Internal Market Commissioner under the new European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, most European policymakers, financial executives, regulators, accountants, and corporate lawyers hedge their bets--in several respects.
Andrew Sparrow, head of Birmingham-based law firm Lecote, said: 'The service sector accounts for 54 per cent of EU economic output and 68 per cent of employment, but only 20 per cent of trade in the internal market.
Carrying out the rules is important to make sure Welsh companies and those throughout the EU can act as freely as possible in the internal market.
Demand improved towards the end of the month with increased buying by Pakistan, Afghanistan, Poland, Russia /CIS, and the internal market.
This led to the Single European Act in 1986 which aimed to complete the internal market by the end of 1992.

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