Internal measure

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Internal measure

The number of days that a firm can finance operations without additional cash income.

Internal Measure

A measure of the cash a company has on hand. The internal measure shows how long the company can maintain operations without additional revenue or financing.
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uk/2018/02/05/professor-students-top-dental-school-posed-selfie-severed-heads-7289658/) Internal measures were taken against Uribe Nov.
Kamau asked the Jubilee party to put in place internal measures of disciplining errant members further condemning local leaders who are suspected to be fuelling the fights.
I have taken exceptional steps, including special appeals to the highest levels of the international community, and internal measures, to preserve our vital work.
Those are supposed to be addressed by internal measures and not by an extreme resort to impeachment,' Salumbides stressed.
He went on to state that terrorists influx from across the border played with fire and blood in Pakistan, inquiring has Afghanistan or US ever confessed to the need of internal measures for eradication of terrorism.
The ODIHR team also drew attention to recommendations on reviewing the residency and legal-competence requirements for voting and on introducing internal measures in political parties to promote women to senior positions.
The longstanding distinction between "law" and "politics" reinforces the sense that internal measures, often driven by policy concerns and political imperatives, should be excluded from the legal side of the ledger.
Jazeera said it is working to counter external pressures through internal measures.
In the face of a global market that remained flat to down during 2015, Volvo CE continued to execute on internal measures that drive profitability and resource efficiency," said Martin Weissburg, president of Volvo CE.
Many insurers lack even crude internal measures of their firm's value that would enable them to estimate how their value has changed or might change in response to alternative management decisions.
Opening his speech to the joint parliamentary "Congress," Hollande called for full support for a number of external and internal measures he was going to put in place, among these is an extraordinary extension of the "State of Emergency" for three months.
5) Honda internal measures using 70MPa station in the exterior temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.

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