Internal measure

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Internal measure

The number of days that a firm can finance operations without additional cash income.

Internal Measure

A measure of the cash a company has on hand. The internal measure shows how long the company can maintain operations without additional revenue or financing.
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Opening his speech to the joint parliamentary "Congress," Hollande called for full support for a number of external and internal measures he was going to put in place, among these is an extraordinary extension of the "State of Emergency" for three months.
PETRONAS anticipates continued challenges due to the bearish market sentiments, and will continue to focus on internal measures of control to steer the company through the downturn.
5) Honda internal measures using 70MPa station in the exterior temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.
He said, "Based on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's conviction that the best way to confront this great evil is through collective and organized work, it has been keen to comply with the requirements of UN Security Council Resolutions 1267, 1989, 2161, 2170 and 2178 in addition to taking internal measures adopted for the purpose of countering terrorism and extremism.
Krhenbhl, in a statement published on UNRWAs website last Wednesday, said the Agency recently took significant internal measures to reduce costs and engaged partners and host countries to overcome the major funding crisis.
Azzi said he had tried since coming to the ministry a year and a half ago to take internal measures to fight corruption but they were not sufficient to prevent bribery cases.
is to ensure that internal measures "not be applied to imported or domestic products so as to afford protection to domestic production" (Article III: 1) [2].
The club undertook a number of preventive internal measures in liaison with the AFA and the County FA, resulting in the club 'putting its house in order'.
Twitter sent an email to news organisations urging them to take a close look at their internal measures for dealing with social media.
The United States takes this matter seriously and I believe will take stronger internal measures," the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.
Internal measures put in place aim to take a close look at how the database is used by all users following various attacks, including one which accessed a school's administration account.

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