internal balance

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Internal Balance

A situation in which the consumption in an economy roughly equals production. That is, external balance occurs when what is spent and what is produced in the economy are never too far from being even. Internal balance may be characterized by both full employment and low inflation, though not all economists believe this is possible. Maintaining internal balance is considered sustainable. See also: External balance.
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internal balance

a situation where the economy is operating at FULL EMPLOYMENT and the general level of prices is constant (PRICE STABILITY). The achievement of full employment and price stability are two important macroeconomic objectives of the government. In practice, it is difficult to secure both objectives simultaneously (see PHILLIPS CURVE). Compare EXTERNAL BALANCE. See also DEMAND MANAGEMENT, INTERNAL-EXTERNAL BALANCE MODEL, MACROECONOMIC POLICY.
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He stressed the need to uphold internal balances in a bid to move forward.
The European Parliament has highlighted its concern about civilian casualties, and has has drafted a joint motion for resolution that calls for Ankara to "withdraw its troops and play a constructive role in the Syrian conflict." The draft highlights that "the opening of new fronts in Syria is not in the interest of Turkey's security," and that it fears the Turkish-led operation will damage the "delicate internal balances in Syria." Unless the strategic alliances, or underlying motivations to act in north-western Syria change drastically, what was once a possibility that the Turkish armed forces would capture the city of Afrin is now a certainty.
"The Afrin offensive could have political consequences on the internal balances inside the future Syria at large and on the potential of political negotiations because the new escalation of violence can could push away the chances for a political solution to the conflict," EU High Representative Federica Mogherini said Tonight.
He is fully conscious, however, that internal balances of the party may change unexpectedly, that the nature of politics is such that the longer he remains outside of the party his capacity to determine its course will increasingly lessen.
Seeking to preserve its internal balances at this critical moment, Al-Adl wa al-Ihssane worked to reshape its structure following Yassine's death.
"This is one of the hardest moments for our party in recent history, so I was guided by the principle of internal balances in the party for the composition of the Board," the leader is reported to have said.
However, due to the region's sensitive internal balances, there are still political and regulatory hurdles to be cleared before the number of operators in the region is reduced to a handful in the next three years."
It is true that internal balances of power in each country witnessing these uprisings, along with the huge mechanism of oppression and military capabilities, represent factors that enable some rulers and regimes to wager on the time element in order to guarantee domestic protection for them, which they can enhance with a foreign policy stance that allows them to play on international contradictions.
Oman maintained healthy internal balances in spite of fluctuation around balanced budget in 2008 and 2009 as the government proactively supported the economy.
The shaping of lines and the internal balances of the famous Act III quintet, for example, are a marvel, but generally, the sum is truly greater than its parts.
It's important to recognise that others' relationships have certain unique ways of working - internal balances - which outsiders may not understand.

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