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As for the efficiency and intermittency of renewable energy, we target the highest levels of efficiency in solar projects.
At first, utilities ignored government efforts to encourage RE deployment; later, they began to lobby against them, as they realized that managing the problem of intermittency would be both technically difficult and expensive, and that hard assets such as coal and nuclear plants were being rendered worthless.
Undoubtedly some supply intermittency is reasonable and some may be barely tolerable and has to be carefully considered.
2) Active power capability is necessary for independently compensating voltage sags/swells and to provide active/ reactive power support and intermittency smoothing to the grid.
Because with liquids you don't have the intermittency problem of batteries.
For us, the increasing challenge is about managing the intermittency of wind generation,' says Isobel Rowley, spokesperson for the National Grid.
Next to infinite fall and choppy movement, a discussion of Freud's treatment of anxiety further excavates another of anxiety's essential characteristics: the intermittency of movement.
We see these increasingly huge follies requiring great amounts of conventional power back-up (parasitic energy) just to keep them turning because of intermittency.
It's clear there is a need for better monitoring and management of the grid to run its current assets at their most efficient, and future need to store energy to smooth the intermittency caused from renewable power generation.
Lastly intermittency, hesitancy & sense of incomplete emptying of bladder were also contributed to a certain extent in all age group.
FURTHER to letters from "Gez of Rhyl" and Trefor Davies regarding wind turbines; the former talks more sense when he mentions the obvious flawed intermittency of wind turbines.