intermediate targets

Intermediate targets

An intermediate target is a variable (such as the money supply) that is not directly under the control of the central bank, but that does respond fairly quickly to policy actions, is observable frequently and bears a predictable relationship to the ultimate goals of policy.
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Intermediate Target

Anything under indirect as opposed to direct control of a central bank. An example is money supply; a central bank usually cannot shred dollars when it wishes to reduce the money supply. Rather it raises interest rates, which provides an incentive for people to reduce the amount of money they pump into the economy.
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intermediate targets

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Today, many countries use monetary aggregates or exchange rates as intermediate targets for national monetary policy.
The UK's 2008 Climate Change Act currently demands an 80% reduction below 1990 levels by 2050, and the five yearly intermediate targets set by the Climate Change Committee (CCC) have driven significant progress, with 2017 emissions down over 40% (versus Germany's 28% reduction) and the carbon intensity of electricity generation cut 60% in the last 10 years.
The etched-on black reticle with red or green illumination (10 settings) offers fast response to intermediate targets and precision shooting at longer distances.
Bulgariaas national target for 2010 has not been met, just as the intermediate targets for 2010 and 2011.
Socalled hacktivists can break into financial systems to score political points while statesponsored hackers can look to conduct industrial espionage or disrupt economic activity using banks as intermediate targets.
There are intermediate targets of 2% by 2014 and 4% by 2017, plus 2% reductions by 2020 from technologies such as carbon capture and storage and from buying Kyoto Protocol carbon credits, so a total of 10%.
To support local and regional authorities, medium-term and intermediate targets should be set, says the CoR.
"AkzoNobel delivered a strong set of results in difficult markets, underpinned by the performance improvement program which exceeded our intermediate targets," said CEO Ton Buchner.
Unity on that front might well be a strategy that could reach intermediate targets and defend multilateralism.
It is time that Europe has set its intermediate targets, he pointed out, recalling that there is already an energy road map until 2050.
The targets on deficits and debts are intermediate targets, no aim in itself."

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