intermediate bond

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Intermediate Bond

A debt security with a maturity in the medium-term. While there is no set definition of what constitutes the medium-term, it is generally accepted that intermediate bonds are those that mature somewhere between one and 15 years. One of the most common intermediate bonds, the U.S. Treasury Note, usually has a maturity of 10 years. Intermediate bonds have become increasingly popular for what were formerly called long-term investors. This is especially true among Treasury securities; Treasury Notes have increasingly replaced Treasury Bonds as benchmarks of the bond market.

intermediate bond

A debt security with a maturity of 7 to 15 years. Also called medium-term bond. See also long bond, short bond.
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The so-called success rate for the trailing 10 years was highest among actively managed intermediate term bond funds, at 39%.
Expanding the ranges to the top and bottom 5% of managers increases the dispersion to roughly 7% per year (over the same five-year period) for traditional large-cap growth and intermediate term bond funds.
62%, outperforming its benchmark by 38 basis points and generating excess returns of 30 basis points above the Morningstar Intermediate Term Bond Average," the firm added.

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