Interim rate of return

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Interim rate of return

The rate of return earned between cash flows.

Interim Rate of Return

The rate of return between two stated dates where the second date is not the final date of the investment. See also: Average rate of return.
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Its objective continues to be to provide an interim return of 70p per C Share by 14 March 2017.
Tim Fisher, chief executive of Coventry City, said: "We are ready to come to the table and talk about an interim return.
ROLL ON the start of the football season was the message yesterday from Ladbrokes chief executive Chris Bell, who revealed that performance over the next few months would decide whether shareholders received a reasonable year-round dividend, after the interim return was cut by 31 per cent, to 3.
99 billion yen in July, as many firms reporting earnings for their business year ended in March or April found out they had paid too much in taxes by interim return and received refunds.
First quarter results reflect the dilutive effect of the interim return of approximately 4 percent earned on the cash proceeds of PTR's November 1991 public offering which were invested in a conservatively managed money market fund for most of the quarter.
Second, the independent listing creates an interim return on investment opportunity for NewMarket shareholders through the dividend distribution of subsidiary stock.
Mr Fisher recently suggested an interim return to the Ricoh Arena could be possible while the new stadium is built - as long as the club can control matchday revenue streams.
invest in a portfolio of Venture Capital Investments and Structured Products that will provide investment returns sufficient to allow the Company to maximise annual dividends and an interim return by way of a special dividend or cash offer for shares on or before an interim return date;
generate sufficient returns from a portfolio of Venture Capital Investments that will provide attractive long-term returns within a tax efficient vehicle beyond an interim return date;
In addition, payment of C Shares fund performance incentive fees would be subject to the C Shares fund interim return being paid by 14 December 2016.
Such payment will be subject to holders of C Shares having received an interim return per C Share, the amount to be agreed before launch of the C Shares Offer, (whether through dividends or other distributions on C Shares, C Share buy-backs and any other proceeds or value received or offered per C Share, excluding initial income tax relief on subscriptions for C Shares) on or before 14 December 2016.
Blocklisting interim return for ISA and share plan 17.

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