Interim rate of return

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Interim rate of return

The rate of return earned between cash flows.

Interim Rate of Return

The rate of return between two stated dates where the second date is not the final date of the investment. See also: Average rate of return.
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We will start the facility of filing interim return form GSTR 3B by August 5 and any registered entity who has transacted business in July will have to file the return by August 20," Kumar told.
Tim Fisher, chief executive of Coventry City, said: "We are ready to come to the table and talk about an interim return.
06075 per share and represents Banco Popular's first interim return on its 2010 earnings.
ROLL ON the start of the football season was the message yesterday from Ladbrokes chief executive Chris Bell, who revealed that performance over the next few months would decide whether shareholders received a reasonable year-round dividend, after the interim return was cut by 31 per cent, to 3.
99 billion yen in July, as many firms reporting earnings for their business year ended in March or April found out they had paid too much in taxes by interim return and received refunds.
Second, the independent listing creates an interim return on investment opportunity for NewMarket shareholders through the dividend distribution of subsidiary stock.

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