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The council had already agreed in June that Chapter 22 on regional policy would be opened, but it delayed the intergovernmental conference until October in retaliation for Turkey's handling of the Gezi Park protests.
press conference after the EU-Croatia intergovernmental conference.
Yet, it would make sense to convene an intergovernmental conference that discusses the ways and means to strengthen the GCC Secretariat, increase its capacity and make its functioning more effective.
Regarding the chapter on the environment, he said that if it is technically ready, then it will open by the Intergovernmental Conference that will take place December 21st.
Much Commission activity resulted, notably, in the March Intergovernmental Conference on revitalising Ukraine's gas infrastructure and, at the end of July, a loan agreement with international financial institutions (IFIs).
The Prime Minister still insists the treaty revisions do not amount to constitutional changes warranting a referendum, and Government officials said yesterday there would be no UK proposals to alter the treaty terms during an intergovernmental conference in the next few weeks.
Mr Ahern discussed current issues in the peace process with Prime Minister Tony Blair at the British Irish Intergovernmental Conference in Downing Street on Monday
The vote sought to clarify Parliament's position in view of next week's intergovernmental conference in Rome that will approve the draft of the Constitution.
And the government will have the final veto at the intergovernmental conference when this has to be agreed by the 25 potential member states.
He was speaking in Rome after the opening of the EU Intergovernmental Conference, which is to begin negotiations on the treaty.
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