Interest Cost

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Interest Cost (IC)

A comprehensive and time-adjusted measure of loan cost to the borrower.

IC on a Mortgage: IC is what economists call an “internal rate or return.” It takes account of all payments made by the borrower over the life of the loan relative to the cash received up front. On a mortgage, the cash received up front is the loan amount less all upfront fees paid by the borrower. On an ARM, IC captures the effect of interest rate changes on the monthly payment and the balance, but future rate changes must be assumed.

Formula: IC is (i) in the formula below:

L - F = P1 + P2/(1 + i)2 +… (Pn + Bn)/(1 + i)n

L = Loan amount

F = Points and all other upfront fees paid by the borrower P = Monthly payment

n = Month when the balance is prepaid in full

Bn = Balance in month n

IC Versus APR: IC differs from APR in the following ways: IC is measured over any time horizon, whereas APR assumes that all loans run to term. IC may be measured after taxes whereas APR is always measured before taxes. On an ARM, IC can be calculated on any interest rate scenario whereas APR always uses a no-change scenario.

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Stephen Knight, CEO at TCorp said, As clients rely heavily on forecasted interest costs to assist with their budgeting process, it is crucial for TCorp to have a simple-to-use and intuitive tool that can be used conveniently to produce debt interest forecast reports to clients .
While the corporate issuer benefits from lower interest costs, the dealer benefits by the purchase of the embedded-interest-rate option at a lower premium (cost) than if it purchased a separate option in the derivatives market.
In the late 1980s, less dramatic but still large government interest costs (around 12 percent of GDP) were reported for Italy.
Because the cost of an asset should include all costs incurred to prepare it for use or readiness for sale, interest costs related to the construction are generally included in the cost of the asset, that is, capitalized.
Interest cost (interest on the APBO) is usually the largest component of expense under accrual accounting, exceeding 45 percent for all but three immature companies tested.
Unlike equity, hefty interest will have to be paid now to raise Rs 3,500 crore and we will ask the government to subsidise the interest cost, it said.
The administrative burden of tracking the interest costs by project could exceed the revenue gain to the government from interest capitalization.
The effect on the APBO and the service and interest cost components of net cost of a one-percentage-point increase in the healthcare cost trend rate.
Dean Casaday, president and chief executive officer of PG&W, stated, "We are delighted with the completion of this latest offering which will save $427,000 annually in interest costs.
According to research done by several consumer rights organizations, the real interest cost of a quick refund loan can easily exceed 50 percent on an annualized basis or even more.
Bernstein, president of Acadia , said, "The Dime financing not only saves us over 100 basis points on our interest cost, but it provides a significant increase in flexibility for future strategic planning.
which included a large number of regional firms to refinance the higher interest cost public debt.

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