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Interbank transactions settled in large-value payment systems are not labeled as such in most systems around the world (Heijmans et al., 2010), whereas the Colombian large-value payment system obliges financial institutions to use specific codes when registering interbank transactions.
Labeling the banks 0 and 1, let [z.sub.i] represent the number of depositors attracted by bank i, and let [x.sub.i] represent the number of interbank transactions entered into by a customer of bank i.
20 September 2013 - Thailand's National Interbank Transaction Management Exchange (NITMX) said it has turned to French software firm Axway (NYSE Euronext: AXW.PA) in an effort to facilitate payments related to customs, trade and logistics.
He also noted that not all interbank transactions are slapped with a fee, some are free of charge.
CONIA reflects rates on interbank transactions that are virtually risk free because of their very short tenors.
The parties also made an agreement on the terms and conditions of interbank transactions in the foreign exchange and money markets, which makes it possible for them to enter into both exchange and over-the-counter transactions.
interbank transactions with the value up to KM 10,000.00 are processed.
Although this settlements layer will allow the use of cryptocurrency in interbank transactions, the introduction of a CBDC is not about creating a new national cryptocurrency.
* Commodity murabaha: Interbank transactions are a source of funds for Islamic banks.
The CBA has started to use the trade and financial interbank blockchain platform for interbank transactions. The platform is believed to be tuned to standardise and digitise information about interbank transactions.
"Pilot projects on interbank transactions based on blockchain technology are being implemented in many countries," the minister noted.
CFA vice-president Eddie Lee said Cambodia is progressing in its financial technology, noting that the Kingdom's central bank has explored using blockchain to track interbank transactions.