Intercompany loan

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Intercompany loan

Loan made by one unit of a corporation to another unit of the same corporation.

Intercompany Loan

A loan in which both the lender and the borrower are divisions of the same corporation. Such a loan may have tax consequences, depending on the jurisdiction.
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Adjusted net income, which excludes the after-tax impact of foreign exchange on inter-company loans and after-tax acquisition and integration expenses, increased to $8.
However there remains a deficit of more than PS61m, comprising PS55m of inter-company loans and a PS1.
By invoking a 1969 tax law, Obama could bypass congressional gridlock and restrict foreign tax-domiciled US companies from using inter-company loans and interest deductions to cut their US tax bills, said Stephen Shay, former deputy assistant Treasury secretary for international tax affairs in the Obama administration.
The decline is mainly due to the faster repayment rate of inter-company loans by local subsidiaries to parent companies abroad.
Of Dubai Group's $10 billion total debt, $6 billion is owed to banks and the remaining $4 billion is classed as inter-company loans.
Of the $10 billion total debt, $6 billion is owed to banks and the remaining $4 billion is classed as inter-company loans.
Dubai Group is seeking to restructure $10 billion ($6 billion in bank loans and $4 billion in inter-company loans, likely in part owed to the Dubai Financial Support Fund), though only $1.
Inter-company loans within Dubai state entities account for the remainder of the group's $10 billion outstanding debts
The rest of the unsecured debt related to inter-company loans.
According to Investment Corporation of Dubai executive vice president Faisal Mikou, the legacy of this breakneck growth was a "complex" web of inter-company loans and guarantees.
As regards to non-residents' net direct investment in Turkey, which includes the inter-company loans received from parent companies abroad and real estate purchases of non-residents in Turkey, it reached 4.
The rest was to be covered by inter-company loans and the basketball team's existing cash flows.

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