Intercompany loan

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Intercompany loan

Loan made by one unit of a corporation to another unit of the same corporation.
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Intercompany Loan

A loan in which both the lender and the borrower are divisions of the same corporation. Such a loan may have tax consequences, depending on the jurisdiction.
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General Accident transferred its interest in its subsidiaries to its parent company, FTSE 100-listed Aviva PLC in 2005, in return for an inter-company loan with Aviva.
The massive drop of 50% in FDI during FY19 came after a power-sector company paid off an inter-company loan of over half a billion dollars in October 2018.
The latest accounts for the year to May 31 2018show that the first repayment on the inter-company loan from the club's holding company UKSV Holdings Company Limited has been made.
The remaining net proceeds will be used to repay borrowings under the company's revolving credit facility and the inter-company loan agreement with its sponsor, Marathon Petroleum Corporation and, or for general partnership purposes such as acquisitions, capital expenditures and the payment of distributions, from time to time.
An inter-company loan is a concept that banks have started work on to help customers optimise their current cash resources.
The biggest unsecured creditor position, at PS30.2m, relates to an inter-company loan from Buy As You View Investments.
Filgate is an investment vehicle comprised of a series of inter-company loan balances.
Gibraltar recently introduced an amendment which, as of 1 July 2013, repeals the exemption for inter-company loan interest, whether from Gibraltar or abroad.
At this point Intellectual Property UK Ltd owed Greenfield International Ltd pounds 2,075,026, being investment capital and inter-company loan.
Following the delayed deal, Davomas will rely on own cash flows to refinance its outstanding notes instead of tapping an inter-company loan that would have been unconditionally covered by Uniflora.
If the German subsidiary loans money to the French subsidiary, they have now created an inter-company loan. This loan will need to be tracked and interest will need to be paid on the loan.
Saab Great Britain, which is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Spyker, has given an inter-company loan to its parent, Spyker spokesman Mike Stainton explained to news agency Reuters.

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