Interbank rate

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Interbank rate


Interbank Rate

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The SBP board has also reviewed the interest rate corridor -- the maximum and minimum inter-bank rates.
The fines relate to manipulation of the Libor and Euribor inter-bank rates.
SyNGAPUR (CyHAN)- The following are inter-bank rates of foreign currencies against the Singapore dollar on Friday.
NBK found that average inter-bank rates for the year were also down compared to 2012, by 10 basis points in the case of the one-month facility.
UAE banks may witness NIMs pressure in 3Q13 as declining inter-bank rates flows into assets spreads along with limited scope for further funding cost compression.
The inter-bank rates have been falling for the last eight months, which indicates the liquidity in the UAE's banking system is improving," Chiradeep Ghosh, senior analyst at Bahrain-based Securities & Investment Company (SICO) told Gulf News by telephone.
Traditionally it has used bank rates to set market rates indirectly due to its effect on inter-bank rates but this mechanism no longer works.
As a result, Saudi inter-bank rates have fallen and deposits are now growing faster than lending, bringing the loans-to-deposit ratio down to 77 percent.
Global interest rate cuts, direct bailouts and liquidity infusions have lowered inter-bank rates are starting to offset the desire to boost reserves so that capital is once again changing hands.
This contrasted with last year when inter-bank rates rose sharply as banks hoarded cash.
Inter-bank rates remain high despite the coordinated rate cuts from central banks around the world on Wednesday.
Where it has helped is in providing three year money at three month inter-bank rates.

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