Interbank rate

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Interbank rate


Interbank Rate

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Later, reports revealed that it was some kind of connivance between central bank officials and those who manage the inter-bank rate to allow such a bigger devaluation that added Rs400 billion to the debt.
The inter-bank rate is the opportunity cost of precautionary reserves.
Deutsche Bank's (NYSE: DB) co-chief executive, Anshu Jain, could have 'knowingly made inaccurate statements' to Germany's Bundesbank during investigations into manipulation of the inter-bank rate setting process, media reports allege, quoting a financial regulator.
To counter the crisis, government adopted the system of multiple exchange rates consisting of an official rate (pegged to US dollar), a Floating Inter-Bank Rate (FIBR), and a composite rate (combining official and FIBR rates).
Inter-bank rate Before the latest spending kicked in, the inter-bank rate was rising.
Jenkins waived his bonus for 2012, a year in which Barclays was hit by fines for PPI mis-selling and attempts to rig the Libor inter-bank rate.
This has provided greater stability to the inter-bank market by reducing volatility of the inter-bank rate.
According to the report, the official inter-bank rate for the dollar is Rs 98, but Mohammad Sohail, who heads brokerage firm Topline Securities, confirmed it had crossed 100 on the open market.
com reports that Oanda FxTrade for Android has been hailed as one of the top 10 online forex trading platforms, thanks to its numerous functions including its one-tap trading functions, live streaming inter-bank rate feed, and live charts.
They were held as part of the Serious Fraud Office's probe into the rigging of Libor, an inter-bank rate which has an affect on mortgages and other loans.
Other recommendations of the Wheatley Review include improving some of the data on which the inter-bank rate is based, requiring banks to back up their submissions with evidence of relevant transactions, and also encouraging more institutions to submit rates to Libor in order to make it more representative and harder to manipulate.
Lord Turner said there was an ongoing debate on whether regulators "could have been more alert" to Libor fraud at the height of the crisis, but said they could not have stopped fixing of the inter-bank rate without "prohibitively expensive" supervision.

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