Interbank market

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Interbank market

Financial institutions exchange of currencies between and among themselves.

Interbank Market

The market for the trade of currencies, loans, and other financial instruments between banks. See also: Fed Funds.
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Are you looking at it from the longer term perspective, of developing your inter-bank markets, your capital markets, and to strengthen the ability of your Islamic banks to manage their liquidity?
The Governor, State Bank, held meeting with exchange companies on Saturday to discuss the strategy to close the gap in the dollar price in the open and inter-bank markets.
Fourth, inter-bank markets were significantly impaired because of the precautionary demand for liquidity of banks exposed to rollover risks.
It is currently seeking a foreign exchange license, which would allow it to trade on the local inter-bank markets and expand its foreign exchange activities.
Until such time as the inter-bank markets improve, you are going to see a considerable deterioration for the economies of Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the whole of Europe.
HBOS sought a takeover by Lloyds TSB to bring stability to the business after a run on its shares in the wake of the collapse of US investment bank Lehman Brothers, and concerns over higher funding costs in frozen inter-bank markets.
The total net purchases of US dollar from kerb and inter-bank markets was $3,858 million.
Islamic funds must be 'ringfenced' to ensure there is no 'contamination' by fixed-interest deposits on the inter-bank markets.

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