Interbank market

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Interbank market

Financial institutions exchange of currencies between and among themselves.

Interbank Market

The market for the trade of currencies, loans, and other financial instruments between banks. See also: Fed Funds.
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SBP), to initiate an inquiry into the sharp deterioration of PKR-US$ exchange rate in the inter bank market on 5th July 2017, and to send a report in this regard within a period of ten days.
75bn) of five-year bonds on the domestic inter bank market soon, Dow Jones has reported, citing a person familiar with the situation.
The rupee is presently being traded at over Rs85 for a dollar in the inter bank market.
In the initial days, the rupee depreciated in the inter bank market by few paisa, whereas kerb market maintained relative stability.
91 to a dollar in the inter bank market due to increased demand for greenback to pay for imports.
7bn after LKR18bn of excess liquidity in the inter bank market was mopped up overnight.
In order to stabilize exchange rate, the State Bank purchased from the inter bank market mostly in the second and third quarter.

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