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Bogle, outspoken founder of the Vanguard funds, especially his Common Sense on Mutual Funds: New Imperatives for the Intelligent Investor.
These are rooted in the work of investment banker Benjamin Graham, Buffett's mentor and the author of The Intelligent Investor, as well as several additions unique to Buffett.
Jason Zweig, the Intelligent Investor columnist for The Wall Street Journal
EVEN the most intelligent investor is likely to need considerable willpower to keep from following the crowd.
Markets: The Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham; The Crowd by Gustave LeBon.
As the title suggests, John Bogle has written a book that he hopes will do for mutual fund investing what Benjamin Graham's classic The Intelligent Investor [1] did for security analysis.
Risk profiles and the cost of capital both increase as a result--something that any intelligent investor simply cannot ignore.
The SEC regulations concerning real estate crowdfunding should be known by any intelligent investor so they can understand the different types of investment platforms now available.
Speaking on the sidelines of Cambodia's first seminar on Islamic finance, hosted by Cambodian Intelligent Investor Organization on 10 March in Phnom Penh, Hashim said the Islamic finance is almost nonexistent among Cambodia's Muslims.
In any event, greater opportunities for raising capital in the SBRE market than ever before are coming to the fore, and that can be only a good thing for the intelligent investor who wants a well-performing and truly diverse investment portfolio, and is willing to learn how to assess the new opportunities being brought into the open light for the first time in over four generations.
Management believes in its obligation to operate with the capital allocation discipline of an Intelligent Investor and the management discipline of using lean startup and "growth hacking" methods in running its business.
Australasian Wealth Investments (AWI) announced that it has made another attainment - this time the 100% gaining of Intelligent Investor Holdings Pty Ltd, the holding company for subscription-based stock research business, Intelligent Investor Publishing and also added that, transaction was worth $4.

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