Intellectual property rights

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Intellectual property rights

Patents, copyrights, and proprietary technologies and processes that may be the basis of a company's competitive advantage.
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Intellectual Property Rights

The right of a person or company to exclusively use its own ideas, plans, and other intangible assets without competition, at least for a certain period of time. Examples of intellectual property include copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets. Intellectual property rights may be enforced by court through a lawsuit. The idea behind the protection of intellectual property is to encourage innovation without fear that a competitor may steal the idea and/or take credit for it.
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In intellectual property rights; patents, trademarks and copyrights are also included.
Yousuf Ozair Mubarak, director of IPR Department at Dubai Customs, said Dubai Customs is keen on promoting awareness of intellectual property rights among new generations, through its Annual Award for intellectual property rights at universities and schools.
The TRIPS Agreement emphasises the administrative procedures for enforcement of intellectual property rights and confirms that parties shall have an opportunity for review by a judicial authority of final administrative decisions and will be subject to jurisdictional provisions in a member's law.
There are a number of tools and services in place that have been developed by the Intellectual Property Office to help secure and protect intellectual property rights, helped by recent reforms, but this research shows that small firms continue to find it difficult to use them.
Intellectual property rights allow us to fairly credit people for their work, even when their work is not tangible, or not physically accessible.
According to the firm, the acquired intellectual property rights include US Patent Numbers 7,177,833; 7,251,629; 8,498,923; 8,478,687; 8,660,940; 8,732,048; 8,725,621 and various related pending US Patent Applications.
Nancy has tried cases in the areas of breach of contract, insurance, infringement of intellectual property rights, defamation, employment discrimination, and products liability, and she has won injunctions in cases involving intellectual property rights, non-competition agreements, and tortious interference with business relationships.
The intellectual property rights have a major role in the economic development process.
-- a declaration that Nanjing South China Skytech is the legal owner of all intellectual property rights found in the software products of Sinosoft Technology and Nanjing Skytech that are derived or modified from the Software Products, otherwise known as the "Extended Software Products";
M2 PHARMA-May 31, 2013-i" Salix Pharmaceuticals acquires worldwide intellectual property rights to Olon's amorphous rifaximin(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Nanotechnology intellectual property rights; research, design, and commercialization.

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