Integrated pension plan

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Integrated Pension Plan

An employer-based pension in which the employer counts the employee's social security benefits as part of the pension, and therefore reduces the pension's benefits by some or all of the employee's social security check. Since 1988, however, employers have been required to pay at least 50% of the pension's defined benefit.
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Integrated pension plan.

In an integrated pension plan, your employer counts part of your Social Security benefit in the defined benefit pension you're entitled to and takes that amount out of your income.

You still collect from both sources, but you receive less from your employer than you would if your plan wasn't integrated.

There is some protection, though. By law, an employer using an integrated pension plan can't reduce your private pension by more than 50%.

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Not only is this three-pillar pension format in line with the World Bank's recommendations for an integrated pension infrastructure, but it also ensures a more secure and sustainable pension planning for individuals.
Higgs spoke in support of the move to an integrated pension services corporation to ensure independent and cost-effective pension administration and investment management.
As for pension reform, the party is calling for the creation of an integrated pension system.
Pension recipients and providers would benefit greatly from a single, integrated pension market throughout Europe, a trade group reported.
No data have been published on integrated defined-contribution plans, but Bender, using data from the Health and Retirement Study (HRS), shows that approximately 8 percent of workers participating in such plans have an integrated pension.(5) Overall, integration rates in the study are approximately 32 percent for the subsample covered by a pension and 14 percent for the working subsample.
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