Insurance premium

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Insurance premium

Payments calculated by the insurance company based on risk factors that must be made by the insured to guarantee protection of property loss under an insurance policy.
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Insurance Premium

A payment that a policyholder makes, usually monthly, in order to be covered by an insurance policy.
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(PDIC) has decided that it will not exempt banks with basic deposit accounts from paying insurance premiums.
He added that it is standard for life insurance premium to be higher than general insurance.
The device will be fitted inside the car to check all the parameters and at the end of the month, the insurance premium will be calculated based on the observation of the device.
Up to 60 per cent of the industry business comprises of general insurance premium. The proportion of long-term insurance is, however, increasing on the back of higher growth in long-term insurance premiums compared to general insurance business.
"The insurance premium tax is a civilised tool that has been implemented in most European countries," he said.
Janet Connor, managing director of AA Insurance, said: "The days of cheap car insurance premiums are over - price rises are inevitable."
In addition to fines and other fees, the average driver convicted of a DUI will see his or her car insurance premium jump 76.5%.
CAR insurance premiums plunged by a record rate of 14.1% over the last year amid a "more fiercely competitive market".
Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) indicated 6.8 million consumers saved an estimated $1.2 billion on health insurance premiums in 2012 due to the "rate review" provision of the Affordable Care Act, which brought more accountability to slow the growth of health insurance premiums.
This resulted in life insurance premium falling 15% in China and 8.5% in India.
This article explores the differences between the Estonian Law of Obligations Act (LOA), the Insurance Contract Law of the Republic of Latvia (ICL), the Civil Code and the Law on Insurance of the Republic of Lithuania (CC and IL) and the PEICL as regards the policyholder's insurance premium payment duty.

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