Insurance settlement

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Insurance settlement

The payment of proceeds by an insurance company to the insured to settle an insurance claim within the guidelines stipulated in the insurance policy.

Insurance Settlement

A payment on an insurance claim. That is, when a valid insurance claim is made, the insurer makes a payment to the policyholder. This is called the insurance settlement.
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Excluding the gain from insurance settlements, AFFO increased by $2.9 million or 9.5% during the second quarter 2019.
(6.) Consists of net insurance settlements paid to the rest of the
Summary: Company now building blockchain for the UAE's insurance market; technology to automate motor subrogation and life insurance settlements
Global Banking News-December 22, 2017--Aflac and State Farm reach life insurance settlements following regulatory intervention
"Life insurance settlements may increasingly become a core financial planning tool for these seniors as they look at all available assets to produce retirement income and address long-term care needs," Devine added.
Details are still unfolding, but authorities have so far determined that scammers collected at least $112,000 in insurance settlements after filing bogus claims related to the accidents.
Guest speaker Anthony Grieco presented structural damage case studies from Hurricane Irene and Super Storm Sandy and discussed FEMA's NY guidelines for flood loss, appraisal and lender requirements and insurance settlements. Grieco also discussed challenges for engineers and appraisers, remediation, local economic outlook, land uses and future challenges.
The law is based on model life settlement legislation developed by the National Conference of Insurance Legislators, Troy, N.Y., according to the Life Insurance Settlements Association, Orlando, Fla.
I became interested in life insurance settlements in 2005, through the sale of one of my policies.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency, which was accused of fraud and mismanagement after last year's four hurricanes, says many people received insurance settlements after government money was paid.

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