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Their study concluded that "credit-based insurance scores are effective predictors of risk under automobile policies" and the "use of credit-based insurance scores may result in benefits for the consumers .
Insurance scores have been utilized to help differentiate between lower and higher insurance risks.
Individuals with higher insurance scores also seem to shop earlier, while those with lower scores tended to shop later.
Three unanswered scores from Shiels, Niall McKenna and Michael Bradley brought Antrim to within two points but Paddy Whelan and PJ Scully tacked on insurance scores for the visitors.
Consumers frequently hear companies talk about credit scores and insurance scores when it comes to insurance rates and insurance policy premiums.
Credit scores predict credit delinquency while insurance scores predict insurance losses.
2) Minimum scores required to receive long-term care insurance payments will be lowered (grade 3 insurance scores will be reduced from the 75-53 range to the 75-51 range for the 2013 budget), and judgment standards for providing care services to the elderly with dementia will be improved.
Suppose further that 30 percent of Mary's group received low insurance scores while only 20 percent of Alice's
The Kingdom should win by at least that and I envisage them popping over a few insurance scores late on to book their ticket to a date with Dublin.
And while they lived dangerously in the secondhalf they hit late insurance scores through Andrew o'Brien, their top scorer with 0-3, and sub Matt Dilworth.
Its expensive, five-star home insurance scores well on our comparison charts, for instance, while customers obviously save money by buying cheaper three-star and one-star policies.
We tried renaming them, with the hope the moniker "credit-based insurance scores" would clarify that credit is just one component of an insurance score.
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