Institutional fund

Institutional Fund

A mutual fund that offers low fees and an exceptionally high minimum investment. An institutional fund markets itself to institutional investors such as pension funds and hedge funds, as well as high net-worth individuals.
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Institutional fund.

An institutional fund is a mutual fund that's available to large investors, such as pension funds and not-for-profit organizations, with substantial amounts to invest.

Typical institutional funds have higher minimum investments but lower fees than the retail funds that are available to the general public.

Among the reasons institutional funds may cost less to operate is that they tend to have low turnover rates and their investors redeem shares less often than retail investors.

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The transaction marks the third investment completed in May through OpenGate Capital's second institutional fund. S and G is a brand in the specialised high security lock industry.
MSIFT Corporate Bond is a diversified series of Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund Trust, an open-end management investment company advised by the Fund's investment adviser.
Avanath Capital Management, LLC, an institutional fund manager, has acquired Grand Pointe Park, a 156unit workforce housing asset in Poughkeepsie.
An institutional fund may provide the best returns, but its value will float and, therefore, the participants may not see it as "stable."
The company's first institutional fund, the USD 122m Kimpton Development Opportunity Fund was established in 1997 and acquired/developed nine properties.
It was the first disposition of a Class A office by a foreign institutional fund; and it was the first acquisition by Capital Advisor, a local Chilean fund comprised of a single owner.
Elevation Partners is now considered "arguably the worst-run institutional fund of any size in the United States".
According to a series of investment trade papers, Bono's investment vehicle -called Elevation Partners -is "arguably the worst-run institutional fund of any size in the United States."
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The event brought together senior managers from 20 regional companies and 100 institutional fund managers from across the region and the world.
The Arkansas Development Finance Authority said its Arkansas Institutional Fund would invest $4.5 million in Petra Growth Fund II, managed by Petra Capital Partners of Nashville, Tenn.
The Alinda Infrastructure Fund is a pounds 1.5 billion institutional fund managed by New York-based Alinda Capital Partners.
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