institutional broker

Institutional broker

A broker who buys and sells securities for institutional investors such as banks, and mutual funds, pensions.

Institutional Broker

A broker whose clients are predominantly or exclusively large, institutional investors. Examples of an institutional broker's clients include hedge funds and banks. Given the sheer size of the trades in which institutional investors engage, an institutional broker may specialize in these types of investors because the commissions, while small, add up to a significant amount.. See also: Block trade.

institutional broker

A broker specializing in security trades for institutions such as banks and pension funds. Institutions usually trade in large blocks that require special handling.
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The institutional broker is bearish on Tim Cook's company because of the slow growth in its production sales, and because it lags behind in 5G.
HC Securities & Investments is an independent institutional broker, research house, investment bank, asset manager and wealth advisor.
However, Kotak, a leading institutional broker, insists that both Qatar and UAE have made progress on hurdles that prevented them from being upgraded to emerging markets, including in market infrastructure.
Placement of 27,474,000 shares at 6.5 cents per share ($1,785,810) to 6 UK based institutional investors who are clients of Ocean Equities Ltd, a London based Institutional Broker.
At 9.50 am, an institutional broker Emkay Global unleashed a chain reaction which resulted in a major crisis.
Before becoming a writer, Merryn was an institutional broker in Tokyo.
"Healthcare was one of the sectors we chose to focus on when we announced our ambition to become the UK's leading corporate adviser and institutional broker for growth companies.
institutional broker, told a House subcommittee, "CDx dos not represent that it does complete credit analyses on all member banks and thrift." It's not like they didn't gather any information on the institutions, however: an investor "before purchasing a package can request the name(s) of the issuing institution(s)." How could someone possibly put $10 million into a deal that to him was only a name (and a name like "Alamo Savings," at that) and an interest rate?
London-based FX trading company, Swiss Finance Corporation, the institutional broker, is boosting its service to provide spread betting to British clients and small FX investors globally.
Doyle is also one of the Silicon Valley's top investment sales professionals and was recognized by the Association of Silicon Valley Brokers as "Institutional Broker of the Year" in 2006 and 2007.
The institutional broker Arden is more optimistic, pointing to pounds 5.7 million this year and pounds 6.2 million next.
US-based institutional broker Concept Capital has appointed Patrick J.

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