Institutional fund

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Institutional Fund

A mutual fund that offers low fees and an exceptionally high minimum investment. An institutional fund markets itself to institutional investors such as pension funds and hedge funds, as well as high net-worth individuals.

Institutional fund.

An institutional fund is a mutual fund that's available to large investors, such as pension funds and not-for-profit organizations, with substantial amounts to invest.

Typical institutional funds have higher minimum investments but lower fees than the retail funds that are available to the general public.

Among the reasons institutional funds may cost less to operate is that they tend to have low turnover rates and their investors redeem shares less often than retail investors.

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The analysis indicates that the share of bank and institutional funds for MSMEs is dwindling, and such enterprises are relying on their own resources to fund business growth.
We have squeezed 3 million transactions covering $12 trillion of securities in the lending programs of over 20,000 institutional funds into an iPhone app.
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The principals of Clarett, Veronica Hackett and Neil Klarfeld, also announced that their equity partner in the 97-unit development located at 308 East 38th Street is Fidelity Management Trust Company, on behalf of institutional funds and accounts managed by it.
19 /PRNewswire/ -- Northern Trust announced the upcoming expansion of the Northern Institutional Funds to include the Northern Institutional Small Company Growth Portfolio opening to investors on December 1, 1999.
For more information, shareholders may contact Morgan Stanley Institutional Funds Shareholder Services at 800-548-7786.
Northern Institutional Funds have been built upon the belief that a well- defined, credit-driven, disciplined approach to investing is best suited to the majority of institutional clients today," said Timbers.
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