Institutional fund

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Institutional Fund

A mutual fund that offers low fees and an exceptionally high minimum investment. An institutional fund markets itself to institutional investors such as pension funds and hedge funds, as well as high net-worth individuals.
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Institutional fund.

An institutional fund is a mutual fund that's available to large investors, such as pension funds and not-for-profit organizations, with substantial amounts to invest.

Typical institutional funds have higher minimum investments but lower fees than the retail funds that are available to the general public.

Among the reasons institutional funds may cost less to operate is that they tend to have low turnover rates and their investors redeem shares less often than retail investors.

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The company builds a best-in-class core real estate portfolio with concentration of assets in the US urban and street-retail corridors; making investments through its series of institutional funds; and maintaining a strong balance sheet.
The sovereign wealth fund, with assets estimated at over $250 billion and the largest shareholder in public equities in the Kingdom is intervening in the market, buying stocks through institutional funds, fund managers and bankers.
More than 31 growth-oriented institutional funds have closed their positions this year.
Broadridge's data showed that half of actively managed institutional funds assets came from retail channels: registered investment advisors, broker-dealers and online.
Both foreign retail investors and foreign institutional funds remained net buyers on the day that saw non-Qatari shareholders account for 47.01 percent of the total buy.
As part of these newly amended rules, the categories for money markets have been changed to include: government, retail, and institutional funds. While government and retail funds will maintain the stable $1.00 per share price, institutional funds will have a floating net asset value (NAV) like other mutual funds.
The institutional funds impose redemption fees in certain cases and will need to suspend redemptions-in a restriction called a "redemption gate"-for up to 10 business days if the fund's liquidity falls below certain levels.
(NYSE: ARES) has signed a definitive agreement to acquire a 240,000-square-meter office portfolio consisting of 30 properties located across six European countries, including the UK, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland and Spain, from IVG Institutional Funds, the company said.
The fund manager and CEO Mark Malik announced that both funds will be managing institutional funds only.
Among institutional funds, taxable money market fund assets fell by $80 million to $1.61 trillion.
Among institutional funds, taxable government money market fund assets decreased by $13.55 billion to $725.27 billion, taxable non-government money market fund assets decreased by $19.73 billion to $928.73 billion, and tax-exempt fund assets increased by $470 million to $77.06 billion.
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