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Instinet (Institutional Networks Corporation)

Computerized subscriber service that serves as a vehicle for the fourth market. "Instinet" is registered with the SEC. As a stock exchange it numbers among its subscribers a large number of mutual funds and other institutional investors linked to each other by computer terminals. The system permits subscribers to display bids and offers (which are exposed system wide for whatever length of time the initiating party specifies) and to consummate trades electronically. Instinet is largely used by market makers, but, nonmarket makers and customers have equal access.
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Instinet is the world's largest agency brokerage firm.

As an agency firm, it doesn't trade stock for its own account as traditional brokerage houses do. That way, it doesn't bid against the mutual funds, insurance companies, pension funds, and other institutional investors who are its primary clients.

Using Instinet's sophisticated electronic network, these investors can trade directly and anonymously with each other in more than 40 global markets. Or, using Instinet brokers, the investors can place orders on all US exchanges and many overseas exchanges, including those that aren't automated.

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Parsons said: 'Seema brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Instinet, with her broad expertise in both market execution and global trading.
Instinet Incorporated, through its brokerage subsidiaries (collectively, 'Instinet'), provides technologically advanced, agency-model brokerage services to institutional clients worldwide.
The deal is intended to give BlockCross clients continued access to State Street's unique liquidity while leveraging Instinet's capabilities to deploy trading solutions worldwide.
While such payments -- credits or rebates from a brokerage firm on commissions clients pay to advisors for trades -- are allowed if they are properly disclosed, and can be used to pay for such expenses as brokerage and research services that benefit clients, in Instinet's case this was not so.
"In Europe, Instinet's SmartRouter and algorithms access more than 40 exchanges, multilateral trading facilities and broker-operated dark pools, and we are pleased to add the Nordic@Mid dark pool as the latest venue," commented Richard Balarkas, CEO of Instinet Europe.
Instinet has a strong client base of approximately 1,500 institutions worldwide, and has grown its business by leveraging its execution technology and trading platforms.
Fund manager Chris Kenny of Smith & Williamson, said chief executive Tom Glocer faced a 'nasty combination' of a sharp downturn in the financial services industry, falling revenues and profits at Instinet and a major restructuring aimed at streamlining the business.
No profit figure will be given by Reuters but fund manager Gerrard said it may comment on the possibility of buying back the minority stake in Instinet to access the cash on its balance sheet.
Designed by New York City-based interactive design firm ESI Design, a series of state-of-the-art Mitsubishi video LED signs display on a grand scale the news and financial content compiled by Reuters and its subsidiary Instinet.
THE terror attack on the US will wipe millions of dollars from thirdquarter earnings at news and information group Reuters' electronic brokerage arm Instinet, it emerged yesterday.

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