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Algorithmic traders are more likely to be at the inside quote when spreads are high than when spreads are low, suggesting that algorithmic traders supply liquidity when it is expensive and demand liquidity when it is cheap.
Table IX reports the locations of order updates relative to the inside quote for NASDAQ.
The cover says "8,257 people want you to GET WELL SOON!" The inside quote is...
(8) An accurate measure of actual depth could be obtained by including the hidden portion of orders at the inside quote. Unfortunately, the TSE did not begin constructing order files until one month after their reduction in tick size.
where [Ask.sub.i,t] and [Bid.sub.i,t] represent the inside quotes for company i revised at time t.
You may, and should, begin sentences with "and" and "but." In America, commas and periods go inside quotes, always.
Type your search term inside quotes, and you get even better results--two sites with the exact team name.
Instead, use words or phrases inside quotes to increase your chances of finding useful results.
Many students are not used to the mechanics of preparing a manuscript: the use of parentheses, brackets, apostrophes, quotation marks and quotes inside quotes. Other associated skills such as setting margins, tabs and page length; preparing outlines, footnotes or bibliographies; or using quotations and paraphrasing are also not well learned.