inside market

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Inside market

Refers to over-the-counter trading. Best (highest) bid and best (lowest) offer, often used in the O.T.C. Market. See: In-line.

Inside Market

Buying and selling between dealers and/or institutional investors. The inside market provides liquidity to the market and thus has a lower bid-ask spread than other markets. Inside markets may also refer to over-the-counter trading.

inside market

A market involving price quotes for a security trade between dealers. Price quotes between dealers usually entail a higher bid and a lower ask than quotes on the same security made to individual investors. Compare retail market. See also wholesale.
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JEDDAH: Security authorities have intensified inspections to curb the sale of fireworks on the streets and inside markets.
If it achieved greater dominance inside markets, what economic advantages would result to both the system and its franchisees?