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Moreover, the EBM approved inquiry against director (F and P) University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar Naek Mohammad and others to probe their involvement in the corruption in the purchase of equipments which inflicted Rs 3200 million losses to national kitty.
An inquiry has also been ordered against Messers Baham Associates Private Limited Chief Executive Officer Athar Hayat, who is accused of being involved in money laundering worth billions with the help of an offshore company.
The sixth inquiry was authorised against Senator Usman Saifullah, Anwar Saifullah, Saleem Saifullah and others in the case of 34 offshore companies revealed in the Panama Papers scandal.
Dame Lowell had been criticised in recent days after it emerged she worked on the inquiry from overseas 44 days in the past year, while taking home PS110,000 a year rental allowance and free flights home on top of her PS360,000 annual salary.
The Inquiries Act is a broad piece of legislation that provides for a Board of Inquiry or Commissioner to examine issues, prepare a report and make recommendations," he said.
Mrs May told MPs last week that she wanted the inquiry - which is without a chairman following the resignation of two previous appointees - to be given extra powers.
Mr Messham, from Flintshire, claimed he was abused by a leading Thatcher-era Conservative politician at a North Wales care home in the 1970s, and that only a fraction of the abuse was covered by the Waterhouse Inquiry which was published in 2000.
Although the law would allow a district judge to request an inquiry in any instance where state laws may have been broken, Texas judges have in recent years used this obscure and once seldom-used provision to investigate possible wrongful convictions.
As a conclusion, James Scott Johnston summarizes the most important elements of inquiry within the fields of education that he has discussed.
As the hearing closed yesterday, angry campaigners from Cure The NHS said 'virtually nothing new' was revealed as most of the inquiry was held in secret.
A Response to Eastwell and the Role of Open Inquiry in University Settings
Nursing practice and education consultants respond to a wide variety of questions which are often specific to the practice or education setting of the person making the inquiry.