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A country's fundamental system of transportation, communications, and other aspects of its physical capabilities.
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The basic system that allows a country or economy to function. Examples of infrastructure include roads, train tracks, telephone lines, and so forth. Infrastructure is often, but not always, provided by the government. Infrastructure must meet a certain minimum standard to allow commerce to occur. For example, one is unlikely to drive to the store if the roads are so muddy that they are impassable. Likewise, the more advanced infrastructure is, the more efficiently an economy functions. For example, the existence of a telephone allows an investor to make orders quickly while also performing other tasks.
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the investment by central government and local authorities in railways, roads, airports, shipping ports, schools, universities, hospitals, etc.

Infrastructure can play an important facilitating role in improving a country's industrial performance by providing, for example, a good communications network, and a stock of well-educated and trained workers, scientists and technologists.

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social overhead capital

a nation's roads, railways, housing, hospitals, schools, water supply, etc., accumulated from INVESTMENT, usually by the government or local authorities in previous periods. It also includes intangible items such as an educated/trained labour force created by investment in HUMAN CAPITAL.

Infrastructure plays an important role in improving a country's general living standards and in contributing to a higher rate of ECONOMIC GROWTH.

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The basic amenities and services that must be in place for a particular activity or pursuit.The infrastructure in a subdivision would consist of roads;storm sewers;and mechanisms for the transmission of water,waste products,electricity,telecommunications,and possibly natural gas. References to the infrastructure of a community might also include basic services, such as fire and police protection,schools,and libraries.

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Also, the Department of National Defense's acquisition of military communication equipment under the Armed Forces of the Philippines' Modernization Program contributed to the higher infrastructure disbursements in August, the DBM added.
Therefore, he added, the acceleration of infrastructure development by the government is a good step to stimulate the economic activity anywhere.
Emergency Planning Committee was established to find and identify integrated strategies to analyze and protect critical infrastructures. At the EU level, especially after the 2004 and 2005 terrorist attacks in Madrid and London, a set of measures was adopted in order to shape the legal and operational framework needed to protect critical infrastructures.
Experts told PAGE that poor infrastructure services result in constrained economic activity and reduce the country's growth potential.
As in previous versions, the report included the critical infrastructure areas of energy, bridges, dams, drinking water, roads and transit, wastewater and several other areas.
For businesses in the Middle East, Dynamic Infrastructures opens up new ways of optimization, allowing them to use IT depending on their particular needs, means and skills.
So, today the question is, "what if we eliminated planned downtime?" Maintenance, application upgrades, physical changes to the infrastructure, data center migrations--they all reduce the time an application can be up and running.
Wireless infrastructures are currently moving from first- and second-generation systems to the much-awaited third-generation or 3G technology.
The new kids on the block demand "mandatory access" so that they can either force the incumbents to open up their existing infrastructure or force the property owners to allow them to install their own, separate physical plants.
Private investment in infrastructure projects has declined in Pakistan over the years as apart from Independent Power Plants (IPPs) established in 1990s, no major infrastructure project has been completed in Pakistan on BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) paradigm.
Thompson Hine, a law firm with approximately 350 lawyers and 600 support staff, sought a solution that would allow them to protect and manage data across its lifecycle, creating a centralized storage infrastructure to ensure business continuity.
"The epicRealm XT-S 400 is the first part of our product vision to put intelligence into infrastructures and networks, enabling businesses to have more control over the behavior of business applications," said Ron Riffe, senior vice president of marketing and product management at epicRealm.

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