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A spokesman of the FPCCI pointed out that several developing countries had introduced amnesty scheme during last three years to create informational efficiency in financial markets and growth of economy.
* Lin William Cong and Douglas Xun Xu, University of Chicago, "Rise of Factor Investing: Asset Prices, Informational Efficiency, and Security Design"
However, the extent to which commodity spot and futures prices fulfil their function crucially depends on the informational efficiency of the respective market.
Thus, a general statement concerning the informational efficiency of prices was transformed into a testing procedure for market pricing within the framework of three sets of conditions.
Despite extensive literatures on indexing and price efficiency, there has been no systematic study of the impact passive index investors may have on the informational efficiency of stock prices.
The informational efficiency of the Romanian capital market was differently tested in the past years.
Malkiel further buttressed this argument when he contends that a blind chimp throwing darts at a Wall Street Journal could correctly select a random portfolio that can beat stock choice by experts relying on prediction models of informational efficiency. Obviously, the theoretical import of these observations is that equity prices are difficult to predict, even though therehas been tremendous improvement in using psychological and behavioral elements supported by some fundamental evaluation metrics in analyzing the behavior of stocks with some limited success globally.
First, by following the comparative index of informational efficiency index of inverse-finders [14], defined by E = [rho]/[theta], wherein [rho] and [theta] stand for the convergence order and the number of matrix-matrix products, the informational efficiency for (16), that is, 10/8 [approximately equal to] 1.25, beats its other competitive, 2/2 = 1 of (1), 3/3 = 1 of (2) and (4), and 3/4 = 0.75 of (3).
This result contradicts the belief of the SEC and others that naked shorting is not information-based and does not contribute to stock market informational efficiency.
In this study, the entropy measurement, an econophysic approach, was applied to quantify the informational efficiency of timber real estate investment trusts (REITs), wood, furniture, and paper markets in the United States during the period from 1999 to 2012.
He contributes to the sizable literature on informational efficiency in sport betting markets by analyzing a large data set betting on football matches in Europe.
Competition between NSE and BSE and the free entry and exit for the economic agents who trade on these exchanges have improved the operational as well as informational efficiency of the stock markets.
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