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Information services

Organizations that furnish investment and other types of information, such as information that helps a firm monitor its cash position.

Information Services

A company that provides individuals and other companies with research and advisory services. Many information service companies sell advisory letters. Some companies research and discuss broad macroeconomic trends, while others offer specific advice, providing in-depth coverage of one or two stocks. Still other companies provide both kinds of services. Many information service companies also create benchmark indices. Some information service companies are also registered investment advisors.
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Clinical information systems are not directly tied to new services for which physicians can charge.
HAGEDORN: The system isn't perfect, but it works, and it takes a lot of pressure off the information systems person trying to decide what to work on.
The most important factor affecting the design and operation of competitive information systems is the culture of the organization.
With our integrated and distributed information system, when our customers call about their orders, our employees will have access to updated information.
An information system should capture relevant demographic and eligibility information about each patient, and distribute this data to other application components for users who require it.
Another option is to build a more responsive information systems organization.
You might ask why health care organizations may not be better served with a layman who knows computer and communications technologies intimately and has supervised operations of information systems before as the chief information officer, and a clinician as clinical information officer, reporting to the layman and leading standardization of clinical nomenclatures, selection of clinical transaction systems, and data analysis for quality improvement and guideline development.
The clinical workstation project involves the development of a clinically intuitive graphic environment designed to present the existing clinical information systems in familiar "laboratory, clinic, and home' modules.
0 percent, largely benefiting hospital information systems (HIS) markets in South Korea.
This means raising performance requirements and then using information systems to bridge the performance gap between what might have been just an operational improvement of some merit and a new strategically competitive and effective position (figure 2, above).
Being a public-sector driven healthcare system, government initiatives to improve the efficiency of the healthcare delivery by adopting IT systems is expected to be the major driver for the Australian hospital information systems (HIS) markets.
More information about 3M Health Information Systems is available at www.

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