Information services

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Information services

Organizations that furnish investment and other types of information, such as information that helps a firm monitor its cash position.

Information Services

A company that provides individuals and other companies with research and advisory services. Many information service companies sell advisory letters. Some companies research and discuss broad macroeconomic trends, while others offer specific advice, providing in-depth coverage of one or two stocks. Still other companies provide both kinds of services. Many information service companies also create benchmark indices. Some information service companies are also registered investment advisors.
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Check out ACPE's Successful IT Change Management course for more on the challenges of information systems implementation.
HAGEDORN: I'm a real proponent of the business manager being located in the functional area he or she works with, instead of in the information systems area.
The pressure is on information systems managers and software developers to supply applications that support critical business functions including competitive intelligence, which at first seem to defy automation.
Bernina embarked on a technology re-engineering program, because its existing information system could not support the company's growth.
An information system should help a provider organization's staff think ahead by providing proactive cues to schedule health maintenance.
The question is, what will you, our new information systems executive, do?
Departments of information systems already maintain the transaction systems for financial data processing.
Make more informed business decisions from the insightful and in-depth analysis of the global hospital information systems market and the factors shaping it.
The clinical workstation project involves the development of a clinically intuitive graphic environment designed to present the existing clinical information systems in familiar "laboratory, clinic, and home' modules.
Being a public-sector driven healthcare system, government initiatives to improve the efficiency of the healthcare delivery by adopting IT systems is expected to be the major driver for the Australian hospital information systems (HIS) markets.
Hospital Information Systems (HIS): These are defined as all software and systems applications used in the administrative/business settings as well as clinical environments, which include integrated delivery networks, acute hospitals, secondary hospitals, primary care centers, freestanding medical centers, diagnostic centers, and group practices.
Information systems must be aligned with one mission: to help perfect the shared space between the healer (physician, clinician, provider) and the patient.

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