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Angel Investor

A high net worth individual who provides financing to a start-up, either in exchange for convertible debt or equity. Among start-ups, they are thought of as a bridge between loans from family and friends and venture capital, though angel investors are themselves often personally connected to the business. Angel investors take on a great deal of risk when they invest in these start-ups; they are also subject to dilution at the start-up's IPO. Therefore, they usually require a high rate of return in exchange for their financing. They are informally known as angels or informal investors.
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angel investor

A wealthy investor who provides capital for new business ventures.
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The interest in the role of informal investors in the venture capital market has increased since the identification of the business angel's participation in early stages of entrepreneurship (Heukamp, Liechtenstein, & Wakeling, 2006).
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But while the availability of venture capital in Wales is important in encouraging the development of high growth businesses, policy-makers also need to be aware of the crucial nature of the start-up capital provided by entrepreneurs themselves and informal investors.
* Informal investors funded 99.96 percent of all businesses and supplied 90 percent of the total amount invested in businesses in the 31 countries surveyed.
Firstly, the [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 1 OMITTED] researcher can use a convenience or a random sample of firms from a database and encourage them to provide information on their informal investors (Aram, 1989; Freear & Wetzel, 1990; Freear, Sohl, & Wetzel, 1994a).
The British Venture Capital Association says Scotland is the "hottest spot" for informal investors to breathe life into fast developing firms by investing much-needed cash and skills.
The Dutch informal investor market is estimated to be at least as large as the formal venture capital market.(121) Informal investors, often known as "angels", play an important role in providing not only funding but also important management skills.
In other places, informal investors finance up to 20 times the number of small businesses as do institutional venture capitalists, however such informal investment is still a rarity in this country," he says.
and emphasizes that "there is probably no single best way to facilitate the transfer of new ideas from universities to the commercial sector." The focal point of this chapter is on: The Venture Capital Network (VCN) which is a "dating service" that seeks to bring together inventors/entrepreneurs and informal investors, who are sources of first-stage venture capital in the $50-$75K range.

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