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SPIAs work particularly well when substituted for bonds in an inflation-adjusted retirement income portfolio.
Although both women and men without a high school diploma have experienced a decline in inflation-adjusted earnings since 1979, women's earnings fell significantly less--a drop of 9.
In inflation-adjusted terms, this is the lowest price received over the last 42 years.
Adjusting aggregate current-dollar net-worth figures both for inflation and population growth, average inflation-adjusted household net worth at the end of the first quarter of 2013 had returned to 90.
For workers in the lower and middle income brackets, annual inflation-adjusted income fell by between $230 and $597 a year.
This is the first time it broke that level, on an inflation-adjusted basis, since the third quarter of 2000, when it was nearly $3.
While most planning takes into account inflation, it often doesn't address the costs of health care and long-term care, and it may overestimate annual inflation-adjusted withdrawals from assets or underestimate the results of human inclination to overspend.
Oil is roughly 45 percent more expensive than a year ago but still well below the inflation-adjusted peak above $90 a barrel set in 1980.
Bureau of the Census [Ouintile Annual Family Real Income Distribution 1948-1996] seem to indicate that "education "--at least through the 80th percentile of population--does not result in an overall increase in inflation-adjusted (real) income, but rather a redistribution of income within this group, thus resulting in no net gain in overall income.
The 1998 increase marked the sixth year in a row that inflation-adjusted wages and salaries rose.
s Ps100 million medium-term note program (Pagares) - Caucion Bursatil, and to its first issue within the program of Ps40 million inflation-adjusted pesos (Unidades de Inversion, UDIs) notes.
Japan's overall household spending fell an inflation-adjusted 0.