Infant industry argument

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Infant industry argument

Argument that industries in the developing and emerging sectors of the economy need protection against international competition in order to establish themselves.

Infant Industry Argument

A policy position stating that new industries developing in a country need government protection. That is, the infant industry argument states that a government must subsidize these industries and/or protect them through tariffs. Proponents of this argument note that several East Asian tigers used this policy following World War II with a great deal of success. Critics maintain that these policies are capital intensive and not all states can afford them. It could also lead to retaliatory moves in countries to which a country seeks to export. See also: Import-substitution industrialization.
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The completion of these projects would help make country self-sufficient in energy besides providing uninterrupted electricity to people of KP with its overall positive effects on tourism, trade, commerce and infant industries.
Its completion was landmark step forward to make country self sufficient in energy besides providing uninterrupted electricity to people of Chitral with its overall positive effects on tourism, trade, commerce and infant industries.
The EU argues these concerns are baseless, citing protection clauses in the EPAs that provide long transition periods for sensitive and infant industries.
The EPA also contains a clause that let SADC EPA partners protect their infant industries and let them grow longer in isolation from market forces.
They start with Alexander Hamilton's protection of infant industries, infrastructure spending, and encouragement of banking and manufacturing.
Infant industries such as art and culture are likely to experience funding shortages as heightened safety concerns in the region require a reconsideration of spending priorities.
According to Chang, "the practice of protecting infant industries had existed before, but it was Hamilton who first turned it into a theory and gave it a name (the term 'infant industries' was invented by him).
The SACU agreement allows the Government of Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia or Swaziland to impose temporal restrictions on goods being imported into their territories for purposes of protecting their budding or infant industries that are threatened by such imports.
Infant industries need protection and support but returns must materialize; local niches should be utilized.
The Washington Post, along with ideological media commentators who delight in rooting against advanced vehicle technology, should make their coverage thoughtful and accurate, for infant industries are not immune to negligent media narratives and the stakes are ultimately quite high.
The economic historian Douglas Irwin has challenged the argument that nineteenth-century protectionist policy aided the growth of infant industries in the United States.
Discussions covered areas such as protection for infant industries and export duties and both sides agreed to press forward with negotiations without delay.

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