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Business Segment

A division or subset of a business' operations, especially in large corporations. For a division to be considered a segment, it must directly earn revenue for the company. For example, a heavily diversified corporation may have one segment dedicated to telecommunications, another to manufacturing, and a third to energy. It is also known simply as a segment. Internally, each segment's expenses and revenues are accounted for separately.
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business segment

See segment.
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His expertise spans key industry segments including insurance, healthcare, and renewable and clean energy.
The analyst notes that while the company has been "playing catch-up" to its life science tools peer group over the past few years, it is now positioned to "capitalize" from high-growth industry segments and capture market share from competitors.
[USPRwire, Fri May 17 2019] The Banking Smart Cards report provides an independent information about the Banking Smart Cards industry supported by extensive research on factors such as industry segments size & trends, inhibitors, dynamics, drivers, opportunities & challenges, environment & policy, cost overview, porters five force analysis, and key companies profiles including business overview and recent development.
During the quarter, LTTS won 9 multi-million dollar deals across all industry segments. On a YoY basis, LTTS has increased its USD 50mn+ clients by 2, USD 10mn+ clients by 4 and its USD 5mn+ clients by 10.
The study encompasses market attractiveness analysis, wherein function and end-use industry segments have been benchmarked based on their market size, growth rate, and general attractiveness.
Written by sport management specialists and others from the US, this introductory text details the sport industry and the fundamental knowledge and skill sets sport managers need, as well as information on sport industry segments for potential employment and career choices.
Average sales growth predicted for the period was positive in all regions and all industry segments. Regionally, companies in the Americas are predicting the highest average sales growth, IPC said.
As a result, 5G planning this year is more evenly distributed across specialized industry segments (58 percent), business users (56 percent), and consumers (52 percent).
As a result, 5G planning this year is more evenly distributed across specialized industry segments (58 per cent), business users (56 per cent), and consumers (52 per cent).
Within a short span of time, Seven Seas Petroleum Group has grown into a full-fledged supply and service company with diversified presence in different industry segments in Oman, UAE and Qatar.
Bly first presented HWCS's proprietary research, which combines 7 company specific data factors and 10 industry sub-segment data factors for each of the 5,889 separate businesses which operate in the 12 broad industry segments serviced by HWSC.

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