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Business Segment

A division or subset of a business' operations, especially in large corporations. For a division to be considered a segment, it must directly earn revenue for the company. For example, a heavily diversified corporation may have one segment dedicated to telecommunications, another to manufacturing, and a third to energy. It is also known simply as a segment. Internally, each segment's expenses and revenues are accounted for separately.

business segment

See segment.
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Until the passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), which mandated HACCP planning in all food manufacturing facilities, only a few industry segments were required to have specific HACCP plans.
In the case of investment recovery operations this process is even more critical because professional practices are still not fully matured across industry segments.
They are active in a wide range of industry segments, such as hospitality, industrial, office, retail, mixed use, transportation, etc.
I want to talk about the four industry segments because to me this is where TAPPI is going to move from its past into a very different future.
The report tracks annual financial data for 440 publicly reporting companies in 13 industry segments, including Business-to-Business Communications (B2B), Professional Education and Training Media (PETM) and Business Information Services (BIS).
Significant differences were found between at least two of the five industry segments for seventeen of the attributes.
A slate of candidates for the industry segment councils was voted on by the full membership of the respective industry segments in June.
Considerable latitude is allowed in determining industry segments and geographic areas.
The forecast projects a "marked spending slowdown in most industry segments this year.
The report tracks 473 publicly reporting companies in 12 industry segments, including b-to-b communications, professional and educational publishing, business information services and the Internet.

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