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General term used in the financial markets to refer to companies manufacturing, producing, or distributing goods and services.


Describing a company or economy that engages largely or exclusively in the manufacture of products. An industrial company, for example, makes a good, which it then sells either to retailers or directly to consumers. An industrial economy is characterized by having a disproportionate amount of its GDP growth in industrial companies and government agencies. See also: Industrial Revolution.
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The report shows that industrial and office markets of the United States have passed through one of the most trying periods in their economic history.
The near one percent decrease in vacancy percentage represents 15 million square feet becoming occupied, which is the entire size of the Austin, Texas industrial inventory.
Salaries for corporate video industrials are defined by category.
I have worked steadily in industrials since the 1970s," Casey points out.
an offshoot of a company in the industrial average six years ago, will replace Westinghouse Electric Corp.
The most recent changes in the industrial average were made in May 1991, when Caterpillar Inc.
In August 2004, Wonderware's FactorySuite A2 products, including the Industrial Application Server, underwent three weeks of testing in a large systems setting of more than 500 computers at the Microsoft Partners Solution Center in Redmond, Wash.
Providing unprecedented scalability across the widest range of applications, Industrial Application Server 2.
Responding to the water-quality and regulatory needs of industrial companies, Stormwater Management tailored the StormFilter to remove industrial pollutants and began testing the success of the solution," said David Pollock, CEO of Stormwater Management Inc.
In industrial applications, grinding and cutting produce fugitive emissions, which pollute stormwater runoff.

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