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The Reagan and Thatcher tax-rate reductions triggered lower tax rates in every other industrialized nation. The vast majority of those tax cuts occurred because governments were afraid that too much capital was fleeing to the U.K.
The debt burden will reach 128.5% of the nation's gross domestic product (GDP), the highest debt-to-GDP ratio of any industrialized nation.
That's a few thousand dollars less than our wealthiest suburbs, but it's considerably higher than the average per-pupil spending for every state in the union, as well as every other industrialized nation in the world.
Hudson, a former executive vice president/general manager of Eastman Kodak's Professional, Printing, and Publishing Imaging Division who came on board as CEO last January, seeks to expand Brady's operations in Italy, a highly industrialized nation that is just now realizing the need for safety signs and labels.
For those on the receiving end of subsidies mounting to billions of dollars each year that flow from industrialized nation taxpayers through the channel of World Bank financing, there should be a corresponding obligation.
As with the capital gains tax, earnings on savings are taxed more heavily in America than in almost every other industrialized nation. This boosts consumption, but causes savings and investment in the economy to decline.
"The United States is the fattest industrialized nation on Earth," says Fumento, with about three-fourths of us now "certifiably heavier than prime health dictates"--up twelve pounds per capita, on average, since 1988.
As an added (rather dubious) distinction, we have more people in jail over all and more people in jail per capita than any other industrialized nation. In 1994, our federal and state prisons overflowed with 1.5 million prisoners--a staggering increase of 219.5 percent since 1980.
Nearly any industrialized nation you can name has a ministry or commission of science -- except the United States.
A mining firm plans to invest $250 million (equivalent to about P12.5 billion at the current exchange rate) to put up a steel-manufacturing project in Leyte, a move that will enable the Philippines to inch closer to its goal of becoming an emerging industrialized nation.
Under the CDM, an industrialized nation participating in a project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a developing nation is entitled to receive carbon credits from the United Nations.
Romania (with $24 industrial products) is ranked the world`s 38th biggest industrialized country, after which Iran stands with $23 billion production as the world`s 39th industrialized nation. Germany, UK, Italy, France, South Korea, Spain and Mexico are ranked as 4-10 top industrialized countries.