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Romania (with $24 industrial products) is ranked the world`s 38th biggest industrialized country, after which Iran stands with $23 billion production as the world`s 39th industrialized nation.
Seven decades later the gap between America's rich and poor is greater than any other industrialized nation, and more and more folks are feeling forgotten and abandoned.
and the mean achievement scores for each industrialized nation participating in a given survey.
The president will explain the position of the country in the next session of the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering, Yusril said FATF set up in 1989 by the seven major industrialized nation (G7) now groups 34 industrialized nations to watch the implementation of anti money laundering law all over the world.
A central problem is that, unlike their counterparts in nearly every other industrialized nation, U.
In a chapter titled "America the Exceptional: the Baby Makers," he stresses that America has the highest fertility rate of any industrialized nation.
Americans now work more hours annually than citizens of any other industrialized nation.
How can we call ourselves the leading industrialized nation when one fifth of our population can't read the Declaration of Independence?
5% of the nation's gross domestic product (GDP), the highest debt-to-GDP ratio of any industrialized nation.
Hudson, a former executive vice president/general manager of Eastman Kodak's Professional, Printing, and Publishing Imaging Division who came on board as CEO last January, seeks to expand Brady's operations in Italy, a highly industrialized nation that is just now realizing the need for safety signs and labels.
As with the capital gains tax, earnings on savings are taxed more heavily in America than in almost every other industrialized nation.
It is far below that of any other major industrialized nation, and is one reason the United States has enjoyed a combination of steady growth, low inflation, low unemployment and heavy business investment in new technology, economists said.