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Fig. 51 Economic development. The income per head and economic structure for selected countries, 2002. Source: World Development Report , World Bank, 2004.

economic development

a process of economic transition involving the structural transformation of an economy through INDUSTRIALIZATION and a raising of GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT and INCOME PER HEAD.

Generally speaking, DEVELOPING COUNTRIES are characterized by subsistence primary production (mainly agriculture) and low levels of income per head; DEVELOPED COUNTRIES are characterized by large manufacturing and service sectors and high levels of income per head.

Capital INVESTMENT is a significant factor in the transformation process. Investment not only enlarges an economy's capacity to produce goods and services and raises the PRODUCTIVITY of resources but also, via multiplier effects, increases aggregate demand and national income. An increase in national income raises the level of savings, reby providing the finance for further capital accumulation. See DEMOGRAPHIC TRANSITION, STRUCTURE OF INDUSTRY, ECONOMIC AID.

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Labour Bureaus revamped Quarterly Employment Survey (QES) launched in April, 2016 measures relative change in employment situation over successive quarters in sizeable segment of Non-farm Industrial economy.
He also said that the manufacturing and construction growth confirm a robust turnaround in the industrial economy.
We are thrilled to add new high-heat products to Axalta's industrial economy line," said John Corry, Axalta product director, North America Industrial.
ISLAMABAD -- The Executive Committee of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Member and Former Vice President, Fehmida Jamali said inauguration of LNG Terminal at Port Qasim will help to resolve energy crises to masses which could also transform the industrial economy.
He referred to the importance of the scheme for enhancing the agricultural, livestock and industrial economy of North Kordofan State.
Furthermore, the industrial economy is divided as three layers.
The plan will enable the Kingdom to attract more foreign investments and build an industrial economy as a new alternative strategy to an oil-based economy.
Before we embed the values of our industrial economy into the fabric of the digital one, we need to re-evaluate our fundamental assumptions about employment and compensation.
The firm has roots in the industrial economy and has been active in private equity investing since 1989.
There's real pain in the industrial economy,"said G.
Khawaja Zarar Kaleem, Regional Chairman of Chamber said, The industrial economy and production is most affected by energy crisis and 2% percent of our GDP shortfall is due to energy crisis.
This isn't something that environmental engineers need to be wary of: all the evidence suggests that test and measurement are going to be central disciplines in the industrial economy of the future, and that product quality and envirorunental sustainability are going to be top issues.

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