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Used to characterize a group of securities that are similar with respect to maturity, type, rating, industry, and/or coupon.


A set of securities or individual companies that are similar to each other. For example, all automotive companies in the United States are said to belong to the American automotive sector. See also: Industry.


A group of securities (such as airline stocks) that share certain common characteristics. Stocks that are particularly interest-sensitive are considered a sector.


A sector is a segment of the economy that includes companies providing the same types of products or services.

For example, the utility sector provides electric power, natural gas, water, or a combination of these services. This sector may also include companies who produce power and those that trade it.

Companies within a sector tend to be reasonably consistent in their average earnings per share, price/earnings ratios (P/Es), and other fundamentals. But fundamentals may differ substantially from one sector to another. For example, some sectors are cyclical, rising and falling with changes in the economy while others are defensive, maintaining their strength despite economic ups and downs.

Since there's no official list of sectors, there can be confusion about how many sectors there are, what they're called, and what companies are included in them. For example, transportation is sometimes a standalone sector and sometimes included as part of the industrial sector.

Sector indexes, some of which are broad while others are very narrow, track many of the major sectors of the economy.


a part of the economy that has certain common characteristics that enable it to be separated from other parts of the economy for analytical or policy purposes. A broad division may be made, for example, between economic activities undertaken by the state (the PUBLIC SECTOR) and those that are undertaken by private individuals and businesses (the PRIVATE SECTOR). The private sector, in turn, may be subdivided into the PERSONAL SECTOR (private individuals and households), the CORPORATE SECTOR (businesses supplying goods and services) and the FINANCIAL SECTOR (businesses providing financial services).
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Earlier, Mr Norton was placed with BSS Industrial as key account director for the industrial sector, targeting multi-site, national companies.
According to the study, investments in the Gulf industrial sector exceeded $220 billion in 2010, covering 12,000 industrial establishments.
The West has performed the worst, with its office sector experience a -6 percent rate of decline and its industrial sector experience a -4 percent rate of decline.
Tanmia signs MoU with Ministry of Economy and Dubai Industrial Academy to maximise employment of Nationals in industrial sector
Fitch's analysis suggests that six industrial sectors may have actually experienced either no growth or a decline in trading volume, while growth in several other sectors was modest.
238 billion dinars over 17 firms, followed by the agriculture sector with 22% through 63 deals worth 507 million dinars over 5 firms and the industrial sector with 14% through 170 deals worth 333 million dinars over 12 companies.
Mian Shaukat Masud said electricity tariff for the industrial sector in Pakistan is far higher than the industrial sectors of regional countries, which is one of the main hurdles in meeting country's export targets.
The report also confirmed that a significant amount of new inventory came on the market in 1998 in both the office and industrial sectors, a strong reflection of the region's healthy real estate market.
Foreign investors concluded 104 purchase deals worth 563 million dinars over the banking, agriculture and industrial sectors and 49 sale deals worth 190 million dinars over the banking, service, hotel and industrial sectors.
Federal Minister for Water & Power Raja Pervez Ashraf held a meeting with the representatives of APTIA here Wednesday and assured them that minimum load shedding would be observed in the Industrial sectors of Faisalabad and also reiterated that till December 2009 load shedding will be ended from the country, as currently the country was facing a short fall of 999 Mega Watt.
Using GridServer to realize the benefits of a virtual enterprise, DataSynapse works with customers in the financial services, government, energy, and industrial sectors.

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