industrial production

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Industrial production

A statistic determined by the Federal Reserve Board focusing on the total output of all US factories and mines on a monthly basis. Used as an economic indicator.

Index of Industrial Production

An index of the total output from manufacturing, mining, and utility companies. The Federal Reserve Board compiles the industrial production index and publishes it monthly. It is seen as an indicator of macroeconomic trends. A high industrial production index indicates that economic growth and is seen as good for stockholders, especially in industrial sectors. A low industrial production index indicates that industry is falling, which is bad for stockholders, but good for bondholders, as the Fed may use the index as a reason to cut interest rates. Low industrial production also means that there are fewer inflationary pressures on the economy.

industrial production

A measure of the country's economic health judged by its output from manufacturing, mining, and utility industries. Industrial production is calculated by the Federal Reserve, which publishes a monthly index of industrial production. Rising industrial production is generally more favorable for stockholders than for bondholders because it can signal rising inflationary pressures and higher interest rates. Also called index of industrial production.
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The think tank also said they expect the impact of this high base to fade within the year, and is likely to lead to firmer industrial production growth by mid-2018, especially with public works set to scale up during the year.
Comparing the industrial production in respect of major manufacturing industries in the second quarter of 2016 with a year earlier, decreases in output volume were recorded mainly in the textiles industry (-13.
In January 2014, compared with January 2013, industrial production grew by 2.
According to previous data on the industrial production since the beginning of this year, the biggest growth was registered in February when the industry grew by 4.
Poland recorded the largest growth in industrial production in December with an increase of 10 percent, followed by the Czech Republic at 4.
When the rise in industrial production is taken into consideration, it is possible to say that the growth rate of Turkish economy can be more than seven percent by the end of 2011, added Ergun who assessed recent economic developments in Turkey and the world to private NTV channel on Tuesday.
28, 2011 (CENS) -- Due to slowdown in foreign trade growth, Taiwan is expected to see negative growth in industrial production in the fourth quarter, according to statistics compiled by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), whose tallies show Taiwan's October industrial production grew a mere 1.
RAMALLAH, November 3, 2011 (WAFA) -- The Industrial Production Index (IPI) for September 2011 in the Palestinian Territory showed an increase by 2.
Summary: According to Rosstat, industrial production growth slowed to 3.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-17 May 2010-Sweden industrial production rises by revised 4.
M2 EQUITYBITES-17 May 2010-Sweden industrial production rises by revised 4.
Summary: Prices of non-oil industrial production was up 3.

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