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An investor who deals in securities only occasionally, especially when he/she deals only in small quantities. Odd-lotters are also called (more formally) small investors. Odd-lot theory holds that odd-lotters are both poorly informed and risk averse; this theory encourages larger investors to do the opposite of whatever odd-lotters tend to be doing at a given time. This theory has little evidence to support it, and few have held it since the 1990s.
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An investor who buys and sells securities in less than the standard unit of trading. Odd-lotters are generally small investors lacking the financial resources to engage in larger trades.
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Davidson's Individual Investor Group upon closing and Andrew Crowell, president of Crowell, Weedon and Co., will become vice chairman of D.A.
Our evidence shows that reducing the information that firms are required to disclose before an IPO leads to a statistically and economically significant decrease in individual investor participation in the IPO.
Davidson names head of Individual Investor Research
In this paper, we make an attempt to link the above two streams of literature regarding disposition effect-induced momentum and the disposition effect's predominance as an individual investor phenomenon.
Ryan used the occasion to encourage the insurance industry, as proven managers of trillions of dollars in long-term assets, to bring leadership and clarity to a retirement environment which has largely become the responsibility, of the individual investor.
While individual investor fervor for stock trading has waned, institutional investors are becoming increasingly interested in the legions of undercovered and ignored mid-cap and small-cap stocks in Japan, as the pool of "restructuring," "buyout" and "revitalization" investment funds continues to grow, while the Japanese government continues to lower barriers to more active M & A activity.
Bunge Europe owns a 50 percent stake in EWICO, with the remaining shares owned by an individual investor. "This strategic acquisition is part of Bunge's continued expansion in Eastern Europe," said Jean-Louis Gourbin, CEO of Bunge Europe.
They say the market as a whole is smarter than any individual investor. Therefore, it ought to be exponentially smarter than any one political pundit.
Recently, American Metal Market profiled one individual investor who is portrayed by his detractors as buying metals production facilities, then squeezing out material while neglecting capital improvements to keep the plants viable on a long-term basis.
In effect, the individual investor was relegated to the status of a second-class citizen.
(JAK601) JONATHAN STEINBERG, CEO of INDIVIDUAL INVESTOR GROUP INC, describes the company's business and its background; prospects for the industry, with positive and negative trends; competitive threats; strategic opportunities for the firm including its marketing plans and acquisition potential; management strength and organization; and the financial prospects of the firm looking forward.
Shelley Taylor, whose international management consulting and business publishing firm publishes a biennial study on corporate disclosure practices and individual investor needs, states that the annual report is considered the single most important corporate source of information to European investors and the fourth most important source to American investors.

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